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Thread: Merchant Horror Story that could have been worse

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    Default Merchant Horror Story that could have been worse

    I have been an Ebay Power Seller for several years now, over 1400 positive feedbacks, and only one negative,(from the below described incident), from selling high-dollar musical instruments, and having been lucky enough to sell to mostly honest buyers. Here is an interesting and "eye opening" true story that recently happened to me as a Paypal merchant, that I think I should share with anyone considering selling on Ebay and accepting Paypal through a merchant account. Recently, I sold a near $900 US guitar that would have been a $2000 US guitar if it were not used and modified by a previous owner. I did a "Buy it Now" with Immediate Payment through Paypal, and the guitar sold very quickly. Naturally, I shipped right away as I always do, and the buyer received the guitar in a few days. Four days since the buyer recieved it goes by, then the buyer emails me requesting a refund, and states he would like to send it back. He made up some story about an electronic problem, (which I knew was BS), and stated this "used guitar project" had too many scratches for his liking. (I found out exactly what he meant once he sent it back to me). Before he did that, I emailed him back, and told him that my Ebay sales are "final", as I posted this in the listing. Don't get me wrong here....I am a very "straight up" guy, and if he had a serious issue, I would have stood behind this instrument....I could tell he was full of BS, and all this was simply buyers remorse. He then filed a not as described claim with Paypal. Now.....during this process, Paypal NEVER contacted me once to get my side aof any story, and simply took what the Buyer here was saying as the gospel truth. The Buyer was instructed to ship the guitar back to me, and once I received it, I got a neat suprise. I suppose during the 4 days the buyer had the guitar, he decided he was going to sand off some of the body finish from the instrument. What I received back from him was a badly vandalized instrument, now worth much less. It looked totally different than the Ebay auction pictures now, and if I could have simply showed this evidence to Paypal they would have clearly seen what this guy did. (On top of that, there was no electronic problem with the guitar as the buyer complained about, it was all BS as I thought from the beginning). Paypal gave the buyer a full refund, (including his initial shipping cost). I have done a considerable amount of biz with Ebay and Paypal in recent years, never once has anything like this happened. I appealed this to Paypal a total of 2 times, and both times was advised that their decisions are final. Now I am thinking.....This could have been much, much, worse. I could have gotten a box of used phone books in a shipping box back from this guy, and I would have had no recourse through Paypal. As my Grandpop told me when I was a kid...."fool me once shame on you...fool me twice shame on me". Now I will not accept Paypal again for any payments, and have listed all of my new auctions with Moneybookers or Propay as payment methods. I have been a retail merchant with a store for over 18 years now, have had only 2 chargeback issues in all that time, and won them both, because I was able to provide proofs on my end. If Paypal would have allowed this, I stronly believe this would have had a much different outcome. I know this incident cost me a loss, but I am actually very happy it happened for a minimal amount compared to what it could have cost me on a much more expensive item. "The writing is on the wall" for me now, and I hope anyone who reads this will consider what could happen to you with some of the savy Paypal buyers out there, that know how to manipulate the Paypal system. I could have lost much more, and am glad this happened. The moral here is if you are a serious merchant, selling serious items, by all means accept customers credit cards, but use Paypal as a payment method WITH EXTREME CAUTION, as this or much worse could happen to you. I would love to get invloved with any class action siut against these guys if one should ever happen. I think if enough "small potatoes" like me get together, we could get a result.

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    Hi all. I'm new to the forum and was looking for the introduction thread so I can properly introduce myself to the members, but wasn't lucky enough to find it.

    Anyway, I felt really bad for what happened to you. I believe that the buyer of your guitar was really BS+ing you just to get his money back. He's a big liar! But the thing here is, why did Paypal believe all those stories? Why didn't they ask for your story? Unfair! I believe that not all [URL=""]merchant services[/URL] would listen to all their complaining clients without listening to the seller which is also their client. The only thing I can say is, beware next time of who you are dealing with. Make sure that this will not happen to you anymore. Good luck.

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    That's why Paypal is very danger to use, it happened to me too. In my case, they said no matter what I've said in my listing "as-is" or "final", their decision was final! It mostly buyer bias.

    I have been looking for alternative payment method for a while and have not committed to any, reason being the alternative payment companies are not banks either so regulations are non. If you check out their website they give you run around too, no physical US address... If you ever have money problem with them where are you going to file law sue against them? Needless to say the danger of using oversea companies.

    You are better off try google or amazon, but as you know by now ebay changed the rules again not allow people to use google on their site. So the real solution is we need a big alternative auction website.

    Otherwise you just have to suck up and hope for the best, or go do something else.


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