ebay account with or with out paypal account 100% feedback 1877 feedback score made in 2007 with this paypal
please pm me or better contact me via live chat or email me at [email]businessmanmush@hotmail.co.uk[/email] for a faster reply
this ebay has sold only genuine items witch are pens,paper,used phones,a used laptop,some clothes just bits from over the years you will be able to sell right away with this ebay with no problems or hold ups i am selling up as i am moveing away with my new partner and will no longer need it as she has one and just want to get as much money in befor the move the price of the ebay on its own is 100 and ebay with the paypal 200. we are moveing on the 02/05/2011 so i would be quick and snap this up asap if your in need of a ebay
you can pay via paypal,postal order,bank transfer..ect please contact if you want to buy i will be online most of the time from now contact [email]businessmanmush@hotmail.co.uk[/email]
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