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Thread: Disagree with refund issued by PayPal

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    Default Disagree with refund issued by PayPal


    I hope someone can advise...

    I had an item of clothing listed on eBay, which I removed to keep for myself. Someone e-mailed me asking if they could still buy it. As it was still in the original condition, I agreed and invoiced them through PayPal (not eBay). They got it and insisted it had been heavily worn which it absolutely hadn't; the tags were even still intact. Anyway, after the case being opened and giving them my side of the story, I've heard nothing for about a month but logged on yesterday to check on it and PayPal have advised the buyer that I will issue a refund if the item is returned, which I told the seller I would not do as the item was not in the condition they were claiming it to be.

    What should I do? I have no way now of submitting any comments to the case and PayPal are hopeless to get in touch with. The buyer has posted the item and made PayPal aware of the tracking number. Apparently after 10 days PayPal will automatically refund the money if the tracking shows it to have been delivered.

    I might be wrong but I thought there was a law for private sellers under which they are not legally obliged to offer returns. Plus the item was sold outside of eBay so it's basically my word against theirs, and the listing was removed so it's not as if the transaction is linked to a listing.

    Please help!

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    Default So what

    Yes payselves will side with the buyer why because the buyer can tell the card they paid with "unsatisfactory" Card backcharges poorpay who debit you! its all in the small print

    You still have your ordinary rights with this person

    possible scenario worn once and . . . .

    is it not in the condition you sent it in? wait till it returns check it carefully photos etc have you kept your ebay photos? can you prove what you say? If yes and they have told a third party ie FiddleP..lepay a lie to gain money that is fraud, then tell the other party what you think and consider involving the police, that wont get your money back but it will fear them.

    For money drag other party through small claims lot of palava but you can do it yourself if determined its less difficult that dealing with paypal

    You would have been better without PayPay you will know that next time


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