I heard from some people that The service provided by [url=http://www.paypalout.com]PaypalOut.com | Withdraw your Paypal funds easily via Check, Western Union, Postal Money Order, Wire Transfer[/url] helps alot of people in Paypal withdrawal or cashout problems ex: limited account. They basically send you a request for payment thru Paypal ... then after they receive your funds ... they send them to you by the method of payment you select such as bank wire transfer usps money order. They charge a fee for their service. This process works quickly if your accont is 'verified'. If it is not ... then they will hold your funds for 45 days ... then send them to you. (something to do with the chargeback rule at Paypal)

I have tried to go to paypalout.com and tried to use their service, but they must have some technical difficulties right now because it won't allow me to complete step 2 which is selecting you payment method?