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Thread: Paypal complaint

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    ladybird Guest

    Red face Paypal complaint

    I recently paid for an item via Paypal (which is 100% safe-!)
    The money was taken out of my account, and yet 2 months later I still have not received the item, nor a refund. The company was called Vital Solutions or Visol as they are sometimes known. When I filed a dispute with Paypal, they responded after 10 days and stated that they cannot do anything to recover my money. Has anyone got any ideas for me to recover my money please? I have sent Visol SEVERAL emails, which are all answered via automated service. I have even phoned Paypal and yet nothing is being done. I have e-mailed sales@visol,paypal@visol, biling@visol

    What can I do? PLEASE help!

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    powerseller Guest


    You only have 45 days to make a complaint and get your money back + if there is no money in the account paypal can't do anything.

    I would suggest trying to track them down yourself or through consumer protection agencies to find out who they are.

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    post in the correct section

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    Wilbur2 Guest


    very nice discussion.

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    andrew_19000 Guest


    You need to talk to paypal to see what is going on with your account,if you have filed a dispute or elevated it to claim,you need to wait until they situation has been resolved..........

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