How are these changes helping buyers? I can't buy on ebay coz I only pay via mo..I refuse to use pp coz they stole money from me once, I wont let that happen again! As for the FB thing Sellers are refusing to give us honest buyers any f/b, a seller I did business with and left a glowing pos. rating for ignored my requests for my f/b even though I paid by mo the day after the auction ended and the day I received my win I left his earned pos. and now he refuses to return the gesture, do you think I will be a repeat buyer?? HELL NO! I had found 10 more items this seller was offering that I was looking for..that wont be happening now.. They think they're punishing ebay, but the ones they are hurting are the ones who dealt with them in good Sellers are attacking us buyers calling us idiots and morons, but you're the real morons/idiots by alienatiing us Buyers you are cutting your own throats!!