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Thread: How I scammed paypal

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    Quote Originally Posted by paypalreallydoessuck View Post

    I doubt this post will remain here for very long but I'm hoping that Paypal stumble across it whilst browsing through this site and I may send them a copy to have a browse through.

    The main reason for this post is to explain how I a) got my money back from paypal for a scam I was subjected to, b) to try and push them to make some changes and c) to show how easy it really is.

    Yes, I understand that most of the people on this site will dislike my views and give the old "your the reason we made this site blah blah" but so be it. To be honest I think drastic action is needed for them to make any changes, it's been so long and nothing seems to have changed.

    It all started when I was subject to a scam involving an item sold on ebay. I sent the item happy as larry and the next day a chargeback had been initiated. I was relatively new to selling and had no idea that if I'd sent to an unverified address I wasn't covered by Paypal. You've heard it all before I know but it really was unacceptable and they even took the money from my bank to cover the negative balance!

    I wanted my money back, no matter what (500 worth) so I started investigating the scams. It turned out to be a lot easier than I first expected. Basically it goes like this:

    Opened a new paypal account (they didn't even pick up on the same name & address)
    I sell an item of high value
    Someone buys it and pays via paypal
    I make sure my paypal address IS verified

    Now the tricky part...


    ...sounds to easy?

    Well, as I'm verified the buyer gets their money back, takes a few weeks but they do get it all back as I made sure I was verified.

    This leaves my paypal account in a negative balance.

    Paypal will then try to get their money back but you just send that good old 'debt collector template letter', you know the one that asks for evidence of debt etc? Well that was over 3 years ago. Paypal stopped asking after the first letter I sent, they won't bother following it up unless its over 5K. I lost my paypal account but did I really care? Google Checkout runs rings around it in my opinion.

    So, paypals negligence cost me 500, yeah so it was the scammers fault at the end of the day but paypal have a responsibility to look after us as customers and they did not want anything to do with me when I needed their assistance the most. I obviously couldn't get the money from the scammer but they should never have passed the blame onto me.

    I got my 500 back doing my scam, the buyer got their money back and paypal have been left out of pocket. That works out fine by me.

    I urge anyone who's been subject to a scam through paypal to take this route. Most of you won't agree and that's fine, you carry on playing by the rules and letting paypal walk all over you and govern what happens to your money but if you really want to see results you're going to have to play dirty.

    The only way paypal are going to make a change is if things start getting serious, people have been complaining for years about how secure it is(n't) and nothing has changed. They clearly think very little of their customers and the only way I believe they will make changes is if their system starts becoming utterly ridiculous, they need to be forced into making a change.

    Leave them out of pocket, then maybe they'll take responsibility.
    That's horrible!

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    mate wtg... its always nice to read a story like this. pay pal are quick to steal money from us hard workers. they are crooks so if u can do that and get away with it i bow down to u!

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    mr.iphones Guest


    man u are phatetic, even a scammer is better then u

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default You sir rock

    I did the same thing! To hell with paypal/eBay and it's ripoff fees!

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    Sears Outlet purchase online, unit was missing $38 worth of parts so I buy them and try to get a refund of $38 vs the purchase price of $400. Sears don't care because they have my money, PayPal says the difference is minor. SO they did not list missing parts and Paypal's attitude is a little lie is ok with us. AS soon as possible I will quit Paypal. Worthless Worthless service. Even with proof the simply will not protect you unless it is a big lie. Screw Paypal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoff View Post
    the problem with your scam is most people here are not a fraud like you. And you didnt scam paypal you scammed yourself. Sure if your the type of person who lives in a trailor court and drives a 1973 monte carlo has an " Ol Lady" who collects welfare and neither of you work then your in the clear. But for people who want to like own a home have a nice car and not have some sleasy debt collector calling all hours of the day this is not something they would do. This is no different as runing up a credit card and not paying it (which I am sure you have done many times) You must be black because only a brotha would live a life like this. Have fun "brother"
    First of all stop that racist crap you disgusting sack rejected material, this is not the place for that, perhaps you should try a KKK forum, or Skin-Heads united... #disgusting

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    I have to hand it to you for being smart about this though. Although I wouldn't suggest that you do it again. It won't be good for your karma.

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    Wow. I know this is an old thread, but it is shocking in so many ways.

    I can't believe the racist vitriol that is being spewed on this thread. How could you assume the color of someone's skin with so little information?

    With that said, I think this is a HORRIBLE thing to do. I know a lot of people do it, and it's wrong. To wrongs do not make a right, period. Scamming someone else to get back at PayPal is a horrible thing to do. What if they don't get their refund? What if it takes them months and months to get their money? What if their account somehow gets limited because of it and it destroys their business and livelihood? What a selfish and horrible thing to do.

    This is why so many people have problems with PayPal in the first place. If there weren't so many scammers out there, PayPal wouldn't be so paranoid about constantly limiting and closing down accounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geoff View Post
    I know you are just a stupid nigger so allow me to let you in on a little secret, all those stupid letters do is stop them from calling you. I doubt you will ever have a real job because you are a nigger but if you had one and you owed someone money they would take it from you just like they take your coke in your getto you live in nigger
    May I request that an admin removes this post?

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    Wow, these comments are ridiculous! First off, it is wrong to scam anyone, and you don't know if your 'patsy' will get their money back, and I would be really pissed if that happened to me! Why don't people want to do the right thing and make a difference instead of using hate to justify vengeance?
    And these racist comments...come on, people...grow up!


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