I sold an item on Ebay for $7500.00 I shipped the item overnight via usps with tracking, and added the tracking info inside the Pay Pal transaction. The buyer rated me postive the next day. 5 days later, the buyer filed a not as described dispute with Pay Pal saying the item was not authentic as described. Then the next day they filed a chargeback with thier bank. I refused to refund the buyer due to them having the item for over 5 days and rating me postive and due to the price of the item. I have no seller protection on this item because it was sold on Ebay and a not as described case was filed. That is there unfair so called seller protection. We as sellers on Ebay do not have any protection on Not as Described Cases.

I am here to warn everyone.. DO NOT LET PAY PAL FIGHT CHARGEBACKS ON YOUR BEHALF. FIGHT CHARGEBACKS YOURSELF. I know 2 business partners of mine who have let Pay Pal fight chargebacks on thier behalf and they lost only to find out later via supenaing Pay Pal for information on the buyers issuing banks. The buyers issuing banks advised that Pay Pal in fact told them that the Seller did not want to fight the chargeback, so the Buyer wins by DEFAULT. I am not going to let Pay Pal do this to me. They are letting these buyers file fraudulent chargebacks and keep your merchandise at the same time. My buyer is refusing to return my merchandise even for a refund at this point. My Pay Pal account says negative $7500.00 because I already got the funds in my account for the sale.

My question to everyone is how do I Supena Pay Pal without an Attorney to obtain information. I am going to represent myself and Supena them on my own and fight the chargeback directly with the bank so I will be sure to win. I think once the supena is filed, Pay Pal has up to a 10 day turnaround time to get back with me. I would suggest strongly to anyone who has a buyer chargeback to NOT ALLOW PAY PAL TO FIGHT THE CHARGEBACK FOR YOU, FIGHT IT YOURSELF AND OBTAIN THE RECORDS. ANYONE THAT CAN TELL ME HOW TO GO ABOUT DOING THIS SUCESSFULLY PLEASE CONTACT ME.

Pay Pal also advised me to call thier so called legal department at 408-967-9919 to submit this information and to fax the documentation to 402-537-5731