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Thread: PP chargeback - DESPERATE for help please

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    Tilly Guest

    Unhappy PP chargeback - DESPERATE for help please

    I came across this site as I am frantically searching for ways to sort out an awful situation with PAYPAL.
    I sold a 95 jewellery voucher on eBay and immediately had the funds 'held' by PAYPAL. They then reversed the transaction, as apparantley the buyer had fraudulently used PP.
    However, the eBayer went on to advertise MY voucher on eBay and put his username on a piece of paper in the photograph!!! PROOF if ever there was any - that not only did I post the voucher, but that he ACTUALLY received it!!
    PP refuse to acknowledge my plight and are running circles round me.
    When I immediately reported the eBayer to eBay they withdrew his registration IMMEDIATELY - within minutes!
    I have all the copies of emails/corres between PP and eBay and the photograph, safely in my email inbox.
    What can I do to claim my 90 back from PP insurance?
    Please help, I can ill afford this loss....
    Thank you for reading my thread, and thank you in advance if you can offer me any help; direction etc etc etc....

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    Mariana Guest


    I fully understand.

    Pay Pal has committed a fraud here.
    First, please write to the Pay Pal (don't waste your money on the phone). say it is an official complaint and they should treat it under their complaint procedures. also say that this matter is under investigation and you will be going to the ONLINE SMALL CLAIMS COURT and you will win the case.
    Don't be afraid to fight back.

    I will email you more tomorrow, my hubby is an expert.
    I have started a thread to bring them down, at least in the Uk.

    I also wish to go the the Daily Mail and watchdog and have every story from this forum. We will win. and you are not fighting alone.

    Oh, and also call Consumer Direct and get their reference number.

    Those thiefs should go.

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    Unregistered Guest

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    tell paypal you will go to the small claim court if this is not put back in your account thay will replace as thay dont want this to through to other people taken them to court as the fsa would get involved


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