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Thread: Nco and leatham locke

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    ok in Dec 2006 i sold a game to a buyer he decided he could not make an money off it and wanted his money back 5 days after he had received the goods as i sold in good faith i said No so he did a charge back as i had allready closed my pay pal account i had no more to sell i could not dispute the case unless i re enterd all my banking details which i after reading paypal sucks decided not to do
    i received all the MR brown Letters ignored them but 2 weeks ago i got the letter from NCO pay up or we will sue i sent them recorded delivery a letter sating more or less i no of any out standing dept . prove it i also got in contact with trading standards
    and now today i have received a letter from Leatham -Locke stating pay us or we will sue on pay pals behalf
    my question is do i have to know send the the same letter of prove i owe any debt that i dispute the claim ?? this is just wearied how can 2 company's be chasing for the same money ???? any info would be great

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