Hi everybody.

This is my first post here and I'm posting because I'm really in over my head. I feel like I've been running into a brick wall since March this year.

Here's my sad tale....

Near the start of this year, I purchased (on eBay) a musical instrument from eBay for £885.00. I paid using my Paypal account. For reasons that I still do not fully understand, my payment - and several others for small amounts - did not go through. My efforts to clear the situation up on the telephone and by visiting my bank were fruitless. Neither my bank nor Paypal would accept fault and each blamed the other. Paypal were useless, I must say. At least my bank were able to show me a graph on the PC indicating where each payment had failed for reasons unknown.

Paypal retrieved the money that they had paid to my seller on my behalf on March the 3rd 2009 and on that same day she was notified that Paypal were charging (me, I presume) a further sum of £30.00 although they did not inform me of this. Nevertheless this additional sum appeared as owing on my account balance. For a while Paypal indicated that both I and my seller owed them this sum of money. Weird enough, but it gets weirder.

I continued to telephone Paypal, telling them that (as they had, in fact originally informed me) no money had left my account and they had themselves claimed the £885.00 back from Ms Crook’s account. I hoped that these facts would lead them to the obvious conclusion that I owed them nothing. This did not happen and my account continued to be unusable.

I arranged a payment by Banker’s cheque with Ms. Crook and this went ahead smoothly. We met in person and I collected my musical instrument.

On March the 10th, Paypal emailed me to announce that my account had been hacked by a third party and access had been limited. On March 17th paypal mailed me to ask for “additional information” but failed to state what such information might be. The mail was, in truth, merely another demand for money that I did not owe them. A similar mail was to arrive on April 24th.

I continued to keep Paypal up to date on what was happening: I informed them that I had completed my transaction privately by cheque. They informed me that there was probably an error on their behalf and that I would be contacted in 24 hours. I was NOT contacted but on March 23rd an email arrived demanding details of the “cancelled cheque”. What???

I had, of course, never mentioned such a thing as there never was a cancelled cheque. This little slab of stupidity is typical of the catalogue of misunderstanding and incompetence that has characterized Paypal’s approach in this matter. On the same day my seller emailed me once more and confirmed that Paypal had indeed taken the original £885.00 out of her account.

Eventually, I gave up contacting Paypal. It was doing me no good.

Paypal’s approach to me has become one of harassment over a sum of money that I, obviously, do not owe them. Two different debt collection agency's have hassled me and I have had to mail them copies of the emails between my self and the seller on various occasions. None of it has done any good.

The latest collection agency, EOS Solutions, phoned just the other day. Their Mr. Jenkinson latched onto the part of the story where I explained how I had been forced to conclude my transaction privately. He kept repeating that I was liable to pay Paypal the £885.00 because I had breached my agreement with them by going private. This strikes me as the height of illogic: After all, had I bought a £5.00 paperback would I owe paypal the fiver just as I would if I had bought a £10,000 car? It makes no sense. In fact, this guy was just muddying the already unclear waters. All Paypal need to do is go back and check!

Thanks for listening... Any ideas?!