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Thread: Is paypal mining ip address ????????

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    180daylimited Guest

    Default Is paypal mining ip address ????????

    Data Mining Engineer - eBay- paypal (San Jose, CA)

    eBay is the world's largest online marketplace - where practically anyone can sell practically anything at any time. With a presence in 39 markets, including the U.S., and approximately 84 million active users worldwide, eBay has changed the face of Internet commerce. In 2007, the total value of sold items on eBay's trading platforms was nearly $60 billion. This means that eBay users worldwide trade more than $1,900 worth of goods on the site every second.
    We are building a new team focused on using machine learning for merchandising and targeting on eBay with an initial charter to build a personalized merchandising system with near real-time feedback. If you are excited about building machine learning systems that serve a huge web audiences and advanced data mining solutions on petabytes of data - then this job is for you!

    To learn more about the work and the team, please visit the LinkedIn profile of the hiring manager - Harshal Deo

    Principal Data Mining Engineer

    About the Opportunity

    This position is part of a newly created Machine learning solutions team focused on merchandising and targeting at eBay. The individual who occupies this role will be in a hands-on leadership position with end-to-end responsibility for scalable machine learning solutions.

    Primary Responsibilities

    Work with a cross functional team (engineering, research and analytics) and provide data mining leadership to the team.
    Design advanced data mining solutions for mining Petabytes of data!
    Design and develop creative visualization and analytics tools for speeding data driven machine learning applications development.
    Lead, design and develop the data transformations needed for producing machine learning data sets.
    Learn / understand the marketing business problems and enable targeted solutions design using bottom up data driven design approach.
    Design tools & processes to help the analysts and research scientists to be more productive.

    Experienced software / research / data engineer with expert level database (SQL, data modeling) and programming skills.
    Solid understanding of data mining, analytics and visualization tools and libraries. Candidates with experience using those on large datasets preferred.
    Significant programming skills with one scripting language like Perl / Python. Or expert level reporting / ETL experience.
    Hands-on programming experience with languages such as C/C++ or Java, working with large databases / files and in memory data structures.
    Large dataset experience preferably working with com plex enterprise / web datasets - preferred.
    Understanding of machine learning / data mining / statistics is a plus but not required
    Need to be a team player with good cross functional / collaboration skills.

    Basic Qualifications
    BS / MS in computer science or related field and 7 to 10 years of related programming experience or r PhD in computer science with 5 to 7 years of hands on programming experience.
    Demonstrated ability to independently design / develop and test large and complex applications in a business environment is a must.

    Email your resume directly to Phillip Gee (pgee [at]

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    jrwn Guest


    Um, there are a set number of IP address, and they are known, so no, they don't mine IP address. Just like any other website, like this one, they do watch IP addresses, so if your IP is comming from Russia and logging into a US account, they will limit it.

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    phoneguy955 Guest


    Are you serious? They have been doing it for close to 10 years now. Data mining doesn't mean IP addresses. It means data mining. It could be to program for better search optimization, marketing, etc... Many reasons. But of course they keep a log of ip addresses


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