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Thread: How can I avoid using Paypal?

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    Default How can I avoid using Paypal?

    I am an Ebay buyer, and I am often forced to use Paypal when paying for items. How can I avoid doing that? I find Paypal insecure, since it only uses one single password for identity check. When I buy things from Sweden or the euro area, sellers usually offer bank transfers as a payment, and my bank offers bank transfers for free, so that is a very good option. But when I buy things from the UK or the US, I never have any other payment options. The sellers might offer me to pay using a cheque issued by a UK or US bank, but in order to obtain a cheque, my bank charges more than $20 in a cheque issuing fee, so it is not particularly cheap. So in short: how can I avoid using Paypal when shopping in the UK and the US?

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    Not sure of the laws in your country but first thing to check is your credit card company. If someone uses your credit card without your permission are you responsible? If you buy an iPhone on line with your credit card and get a box with shit in it, are you responsible?

    Paypal may actually be safer in this case. If you send a bank wire to Italy or Slovakia what recourse do you have?

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    Default paypal

    If you use paypal and their is a slight problem of any kind, kiss your money good by you would be just as safe using a carrier pigeon, i would love their to be an alternative on ebay but as their up each others arse i wont happen they will change company details etc just like the common criminal they are.


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