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    bow Guest

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    Ok guys here I go,

    About four years ago I sold a brand new phone on eBay, it had loads of accessories with it,
    And as said was new, after selling it I shut down my pay pal account as I was only 17 and didnít really own a lot to sell,

    Well that all was four years ago, ÖÖ. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK hi Iím mr debt collector you owe pay pal

    So I got on the phone to pay pal, and asked them what it was for, as I donít own a pay pal account and havenít done for about 4 years, they asked me to confirmed details with them, what is you email address sir, so I told them, no sorry not on our system, any other yes so I told them the other one, ok I have your account, you cant have my account as I donít have one,
    Long story short, they hadnít shut down the account, and told me the customer who I sold the phone to said it was not working and they gave him the money back, and let him keep the phone as they were not in a position to ask for the phone back,

    I told them that my email account had got hacked in to and password had been changed so I wouldnít of got any emails sent by them, they told me I should of updated my account, but I had shut it down,

    Iím in a loop with them and now NCO and there other companies are after me for something I sold on eBay years ago,, that I have only just found out about

    Can anyone help


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    Mariana Guest


    Financial Ombudsman.
    Consumer Direct before, and get a reference number.

    you can write an official complaint and use Fraud Act 2006.
    it is a fraud.

    call debt collection agency and tell them that the matter is under investigation and if they dare to do anything about it you will go to the police (harrassment)
    and according to the Data Protection Act they have NO right to pass your details to any of the credit reference agencies or THEY ARE IN TROUBLE.

    next. Pay Pal shall provide you with a PROOF that the phone was broken. did the buyer leave a feedback?

    Seems like a fraud to me.

    Plase see me new THREAD.
    After being fed up with them I am launching a campaigh for FSA to bring them down.

    I want every story.

    Please don't get scared, they are in the wrong, not you.


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