hi all

i have a number of sites which need work on, one being a paypal alternative (which will work with other processors), and the only thing stopping me now is lack of funding.

so i have decided to offer this opportunity: the opportunity to purchase real dividend shares in a limited company which shall be registered in the United Kingdom through Companies House in Wales.

monies raised through the sale of shares will not only enable the completion of these websites, but also cover proper and full regulation as required and their marketing too.

the shares will pay out a yearly dividend and i am also looking at taking the company public asap, so the shares will have real solid worth.

being registered as a limited company from day one, we will be properly regulated and our information will be available to any interested party through Companies House, which is essentially a UK government source.

and on public launch of our paypal alternative, we will have full regulation through the UK financial authority, the FSA.

by utilising our passive, long term guaranteed income solution, we will also offer debt management, guaranteed 100% debt collection and property sales including finance.

i even have plans to either takeover an existing high street bank or establish a new one..

if anyone would be interested, please let me know through this forum and i will put the wheels in motion.

thank you for your time