I have heard of many stories where Paypal don't offer enough fraud protection to users....but in my case paypal are being over-zealous and assume my account has been hacked every time it is accessed by a non-UK IP address!

I have a UK premier paypal account (mainly used for purchases) but because i go to work abroad (Libya) often i sometimes have to access my account from Libya to pay for internet purchases back in the UK. Over the last few months when this has happened, paypal says my account has been hacked and asks me to change my password. After i change my password (which i must have done at least 15 times and am now running out of passwords), it then successfully takes the money out of my UK bank account but it holds the money and refuses to pay the vendor! Even after calling them up and being kept on hold for 30-60 mins to speak to their fraud dept, they refuse to release the funds immediately...i have to wait for 10-14 days to either get a refund or for the money to be sent to the vendor (by which point its too late as i will already have bought the item from elswhere).

Don't get me wrong, i realise paypal must have anti-fraud measures in place but considering that i have been lucky enough not to suffer any fraud and neither have i ever been involved in any paypal disputes, why oh why do paypal automatically assume my account has been hacked when i access it from abroad? I now desperately want to close my paypal account but am i right in thinking that i won't be be able to use my ebay account any more? ( i mainly use ebay for buying).