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    Hi, I just got a notice saying the access to my account had been limited due to suspicious activity. The account was newly created, and the only activity was a payment of $250 I received, which turned out to be a sacm. Paypal refunded the money to the buyer without giving me time to defend my case. Now they are asking for tons of information to allow access to my account again. Some of this information I am unable to give or is not applicable, such as details of my company, even though it is a premier account, or invoices from previous sales, which I have not made. My question is, if I just stop responding to their emails, can they take legal action? The money was returned to the buyer. I never intend to use paypal again after this, so if I just leave it to rot, will that have any consequences? I do not mind losing $250 if I get peace of mind.


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    PayPal asking for tons of information is just to enable your account or remove the limitations that are on your account currently. If you do nothing, your paypal account remains limited but they wont chase you as they you don't owm them anything (thats all they care about)

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