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Thread: Chargeback -please help

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    cf86 Guest

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    I'm really frustrated having just spent ages on the phone to Paypal.

    Basically I sold an iphone on ebay and sent the phone to the buyer next day delivery signed for. The money came into my account and i withdrew it. A few weeks ago Paypal then said that the buyer's card had been used frauduently and so they put my account into a negative balance for 340.

    They've said they are looking into the dispute but I'm the honest person in this having sent the phone to the correct address and following all the correct procedures. I've contacted the post office with the tracking number and have copies of the receipt and the signature. Paypal have said that it can take up to 75 days for them to look at the dispute but from what the girl was saying it sounded like I would end up having to pay it. I told her that I would be taking this to the small claims court because it's not right that I'm the honest person sending in this with the person acting frauduently getting away with it.

    I don't know what to do in the meantime I just can't believe that I do everything properly and they don't seem to care about the fraud.


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    stephenb Guest

    Default Tracking Number

    If you have all the tracking details upload a copy of the receipt containing the tracking number and date to paypal. This can be found in the resolution centre in paypal. Unfortunately this can take up to 75 days to resolve, but armed with this information paypal should be able to fight the case with the buyers credit card company.

    Without these datails, unfortunately you will lose your case.

    Never give up and just bombard both ebay and paypal with emails and if possible find the relevant sections in their rules and procedures, then copy and paste these into your emails.

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    Exactly the same thing happened to me, the buyer was from india and although i was concerned about posting abroad paypal confirmed that he was a trusted buyer. Once he received the phone he raised a charge back and although i have done nothing wrong paypal have sided with the buyer/thief and returned the funds to him (320). I did have a shipping number but as there was no address that it was sent to on the royal mail website they say im not protected. I have since found out that he has done this to several other ebayers yet paypal still take his side and the hope your case works out better than this.


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