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Thread: PayPal + Intrim Justica/Solicter

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    zerofool2005 Guest

    Default PayPal + Intrim Justica/Solicter

    Hey guys.

    PayPal have claimed to Intrim Justica that I owe 24.77

    They sent me letters but they are addressed to the wrong address (2 Numbers off)

    My postie still gives them to me.

    Now Ive got a letter from a solicitor "Geoffrey Parker Bourne"

    Something fishy i think though. The letter is obvoiously a template. As it says"in the sum of (tab size space)24.77"
    Also they put as their client "PayPal" yet the whole letter talks about contacting Intrim Justica to solve this matter.
    Also Also They say I have 7 days before court proceedings will take place. Cheeky blighters posted it 2nd class. And is marked 26th June.

    Is this for real?
    What should I do. What can he/they do to me?
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    jan424 Guest

    Default Re Intrum Justitia/solititors

    I got one of those letters this week. (Exactly the same as you described)Looks like a photocopy. If it is from Geoffrey Parker Bourne it is very unprofessional - not proper headed notepaper - do not enter into correspondence with them- very suspect.

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    zerofool2005 Guest


    haha. Well I sent them a letter telling them to prove that I owed any monies.
    And I got a letter back. "We have removed your information from our records"

    Damn idiots...Trying to scam people.

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    jan424 Guest

    Default Re: letter Geoffrey Parker Bourne

    Just like to point out on my last entry where I have put "do not enter into correspondence with them" This was a quote in the letter from Geoffrey Parker Bourne. In other words they can write and threaten to take you to court but you are not allowed to correspond in answer to that letter as according to Geoffrey Parker Bourne they have been "instructed" not to enter into any correspondence with the recipient of the letter. I also note that Geoffrey Parker Bourne's Address is exactly the same as Intrum Justitia.

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    scottyscoot1 Guest

    Default intrim justica

    I have just a telephone call from this company wanting to speak about my ebay account ( which I requested to be closed some months ago because some one had accessed it)

    I also have history with the other companies NCO, Robinson way both companies I have paid off before all to do with either pay pal or ebay.

    In the end I had to change my bank cards to stop pay pay from taking money from my account a nd instrict Halifax Building Society not to speak to them.

    Intrim rang me today and the name less voice request myself and the she requested I spoke about the problem with my ebay account, which I replied I have no problem she replied yes you do sir I counter argued and then she hung up.

    I want on to press 1471 to call the company back however a recording state some thing like Intrim Justica has tried to contact you this is not inportant but will call you back.

    Two days previous I had just cancelled the direct debt off my account which I had been paying this company however it had not been active for some time, I feel by doing this the bank system has reminded this company that I had previously paid up and they are now trying again!

    I have no idea what is going on with my ebay account now or pay pal I tried to cancell them both which is very difficult and I did send both companies emails requesting the account be closed.

    I see it as NOT MY PROBLEM


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