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    Esgrimidor Guest

    Default Alternatives

    Is there an alternative that don't need :

    a) pay in advance
    b) use a bank account or credit card or debit card ?


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    eistuff Guest


    We only need a .50c verification fee for sellers from google / paypal. we need this to verify the seller`s information.

    After verification you get 10.00 credit for listing fees. but listings are FREE, Images, listings, video hosting, etc... all FREE the only fee is certain perks. Home page featured is free until December 25th ;-)

    sorry i dont know of any that dont need anything to sell.

    im not trying to push our site, if i wanted to i would post a post for the site, just i really dont know of any totally free sites like that. but .50c is the cheapest i have seen ;-)

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    Esgrimidor Guest


    Please, can you answer my question ?



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