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Thread: get around paypal withdrawal limits

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    dodguy Guest

    Default get around paypal withdrawal limits

    There's a website that allows you to get around paypal withdrawal limits. [URL=""][/URL]

    you just enter you name and address etc..., choose how much to send and how you'd like to get your money back (check, money order or bank wire) and then it takes you to paypal to transfer it to them. then you get your money back (up to $10000)

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    itscauseimsmart Guest


    Bull fkn shit

    More like then they have all your personal details and rip you off


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    jrwn Guest


    Hmm, just a generic godaddy page with nothing in to, sounds like a scam.

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    fasttalon Guest


    Are you a paypal advocate????

    $1000??? Bull shit


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