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    Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know I feel peoples pain when it comes to paypal. i found a site that lets you get your money out of your account even if you have limits. as you know, if you aren't verified, you have limits. so what about the people with no credit cards? why cant we have our money?

    The website is basically a work around for paypal withdrawal limits. You send the site a transfer of anywhere from 1 - 10000 dollars and then you get a check, money order or bank wire sent back to you. there is a catch though, the site charges about 3% but i think it's well worth it to get your money the hell out of paypals clutches.

    oh, the site is [url=] | Turn Your Paypal Money To Cash | Home[/url]

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    Looks like PayPal pulled some strings to get that site shut down. Although honestly i'm not sure if I would have trusted it anyway...sounds kinda scammy.

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