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    Default A buyer sometimes sellers perspective advice

    I am a professional and self employed. My profession is in no way related to sales and I joined Ebay in March because I was looking for an item and a Google search told me I could find it there. I joined Ebay and bought this item as well as similar items. I paid immediately using a credit card. I recieved emails from the sellers and positive feedback and was very confused. These people offerred an item for sale that I wanted to purchase so I bought these items and paid for them, why are they acting like my behavior was unusual and thanking me for engaging in actions I consider normal. A few weeks later I took some much needed time off and began to browse Ebay and do some price comparisons, comparing items I buy in stores to items sold on Ebay. I found many items at cheaper prices but was still a sceptic. I brought some items and was very pleased. I bought more items and became eve more pleased. Soon I was buying almost everything via Ebay and was saving money so I thought it was great. All of my feedback was positive but I was still confused as to why sellers were acting like I had done something for them-they had sold me things cheaper than stores-in my view they were providing a service, yet they were always happy about how quickley I paid. I thought, I have never heard of any circumstance in life where you buy something and do not make payment at the time of purchase. I offer a unique perspective I am a buyer 80% of the time-soon to be 100% because I will never sell again and as a buyer I am completely outraged at paypal's policies those that are supposed to protect me.
    I eventually needed to clear out my spare room so I thought let me try selling. I listed items according to Ebay rules and classifications. Then something strange started to happen, people who bought things would become angry. If you listed a clothing item as "used" or "pre-owned"-said it was used in the description-and included a picture- you are selling a used item. Take into account said item is sold at a bid starting at 99 cents and there should be no confusion.When asked if they read the listing they said "no". Soon people would start to complain about shipping time. I asked did you read the time specifications set out in the listing. They would respond "yes" but had no answer when I asked them why they thought I would drop everything and ship immediately when I clearly state I do not do that. I was never given a response.
    Soon I recieved a negative feedback because an item I had planned to sell was thrown out. I issued an immediate refund but this person left negative feedback-as they did for everyone. This buyers name is sn1343. I ask that anyone reading this block this person immediately and ask friends to do the same.Like I said I buy many goods on Ebay especially of the type this person likes so I respond to all positive feedback telling sellers about this buyer. I am not going to list all the horror stories because you get the point and if you did not you would not be on this board.
    I just dont understand why I, who have made over 500 purchases on Ebay, have never had a problem with a seller. Quite simply I believe the stupidity of buyers on Ebay is the problem. I have no obligation to do anything for any member of Ebay-if they would like to buy something I am selling-I will deliver as promised-I will not end my life and cater to someone who has bought a baseball card for 99 cents. Buyers are not on Ebay for convenience-they are there looking for a deal-that being said how stupid do you have to be to expect store perfection from someone who is doing you a favor selling something you want or need for less than it would cost you in a store. Buyers on Ebay amaze me- to put things in perspective I just bought a second pair of sneakers that I had previously bought on EBay because I like them. Is the seller's life any different now? They are happy but have my actions changed their life so much for the better now they must make pleasing me the focal point of their life. I am not a brilliant man so high on the intellectual scale. This concept is not beyond comprehension by even simple minded people yet Ebay buyers think the complete opposite. They complain about shipping costs when they make the decision to bid on an item. If you believe shipping is too high and you are being ripped off doesnt logic say-dont bid. One example was recently on an ebay message board- a buyer was angry at a seller about an item- she thought this seller was a "scammer" her evidence an email from the seller prior to the end of the auction saying "please don't bid I can tell your going to be trouble". Pride is of short supply in these days so this buyer did not say well this person has said thy dont want to do business with me, let me go elsewhere, instead they bid and became unhappy and left negative feedback. I have watched many cases unfold and see that buyers want to go to McDonalds and get a filet for the price of a cheesburger- nothing wrong with wanting a deal but McDonalds does not sell steak so what they want is just not available. These buyers also have less than ten feedbacks recieved so I think all problems rest squarely on the new buyer EBay has attracted.
    Ebay is at fault and becoming less and less useful because they do nothing and take the most illogical measures to combat this. I have bought over 500 items and never had a problem-I have sold over one hundred and had three problems-none of them involving any allegation of dishonesty-just buyers saying Im not happy. Now if I have engaged in that many transactions and a buyer has engaged in four transactions-why does Ebay autimatically take the side of this buyer. It is just plain stupid.
    I will simply never sell again-It was one of the most miserable experiences that I have ever had in my life. What really outrages me about all of this is that I will still suffer as now sellers I trust and who provide items at great prices will either leave or have to increase prices to combat scammers. I will now suffer- a buyer with 100% positive feedback-who Ebay has made more money off than these scammers- because Ebay has chosen to blindly follow these scammers and drink their coolaid.I also believe the fact Ebay employs many people out of the country to deal with these problems is also a big reason for these problems. I am not adept to handle a cultural problem that may exist in India. If I am asked to judge behavior based on the cultural norms and law of India I will not be able to do so in a competent manner. Despite the obvious Ebay leaves it up to people with little background in these areas to make decisions regarding transactions which they do not understand based on cultural differences.
    All of Ebays policies are designed to help the scammer because I believe that is all that is really left. If you could still leave buyer feedback the majority of buyers would have sellers refusing to deal with them or leaving in droves because they see few remaining honest buyers so rather than fixing the motor or replacing parts they are washing and waxing the car hoping a shiny appearance will not have people asking the relevant questions.
    I am an attorney and have little use for paypal's policies. Unfortunately a lawsuit will not hurt them like many people think. If someone steals five million dollars and is orderred to give 3 million back-where is the disincentive to not steal-you are still up two million- the policies which may be illegal allow them to have in place other legal policies- which may not be liked but are acceptable. Essentially hey are getting away with so much other polcies which people would normally say "no way" to are begrudgingly accepted because Paypal's worst case alternatives force users to accept them. They will still profit from these even if the others are put to an end. Plus there are numerous instances of which you will never hear, and have to legal right to be made privy to, where Paypal has paid a seller because of a dispute. They push the envelope so far these "settlements" are factored in. In order to end the unscrupulous practices Paypal as an entity must cease to exist, there will be no reforming it- it was not designed for honest purposes, if it was there would be no need for them to institute different policies from Ebay who owns it. There is no greater evidence of Paypal's fraudulent practices then saying "Ebay doesnt protect you we will, when they are in fact EBay".
    The only way to end it is not not have any dealings with paypal. It needs to be shot down like the rabid dog running in the neighborhood. People have to refuse to use it or immediately withdraw all funds when recieved or use these funds to immediately buy necessary items and call their bluff on lawsuits about negative balances. If everyone does this it will bankrupt them. Let them start filing suit against small people-when their practices become very public and they are called out and forced to reveal documents during the discovery process you will have execs packing their bags and worrying about indictments. If you have a dispute-be rude to the reps on the phone and argue every single point to where you want to make them scream-what will that get you- nothing personally- but if the job becomes such a nightmare that people will start leaving you will make paypal scrample to replace them and they will have to pay them more money because such a bad job warrants it. Use the buyer requirements as best you can because if scammers cant bid and have to create new id's you have more evidence to hit paypal with later on. They have to pay legal fees so the more evidence you have the more money they have to pay their lawyers because they are the ones who have to look at it.

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    Default Ebay is going to lose


    I'm looking for alternatives to all this

    I'm still selling on Ebay, I have 1200 feedback and 100% score and can already see the list of problems I may have to deal with for the new DSR policies and more.

    For example:
    If I wanted to I could just leave a good feedback and low DSR for a smaller seller like myself. So basically 4 low DRS's and your account can now be terminated by ebay.

    I suspect my account is going to be in jeopardy very soon.
    I have 2 low DSR's already from a buyer which is unknown because ebay does not tell the sellers who had a problem.
    The buyer does not contact me to let me know if there was any problem so that I can provide the best customer satisfaction available on ebay.

    So this unknown buyers just felt it was his duty to leave a low DSR such as:
    Item not as described.

    So if you get an item that is damaged in shipping or non-working, and provide a full refund including all shipping costs ? Would the buyer consider this an item not as described ???

    Likely, YES, technically it is true, however thats not really what that DSR is for, however ebay is smart enough to know that people will surely leave a low DSR in the event there is a damage or non-working item.
    Even though it's technically true, the buyer may feel they can't really say that they received the item as described because thats not technically true either.
    So the truthful answer is an answer in which the question does not match the condition and in which the buyer would feel compelled to say not as described.

    However, if the buyer understood that this meant that they were saying that you ripped them off and that you deliberately sold them something and you knew that you mis described the item and you shipped them the item knowing that this was not the item in the listing, then the buyer surely would not have selected (item not as described) low DSR rating. They would have surely understood that this is not what they intended to say when selecting a low DSR rating. Especially for an item that was simply damaged or non-working in which you as an excellent ebayer would have gladly taken care of.

    But since the buyer does not really know that this is what they are saying then they easily leave low DSR, because they don't understand that the low DSR will likely get your business shut down.

    Anyhow I'm looking for another way to sell and accept money if there is a solution for online auctions please post it.

    I'm looking at Google cart and stuff now too.



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