I know this seems kinda odd but I'm a 28 year old who doesn't have a bank account. I'm disabled and I have a caregiver who looks after my stuff (I'm not bed ridden or anything ) I have found from searching on ebay for touch mp4 players that almost everyone uses paypal only. Which is great if you have a paypal but I don't.
I found an item I wanted to buy and figured I could pay for it with an ebay gift card.Turns out in order to use the gift card I would have to sign up for paypal. In order to sign up for paypal I would have to give a website my bank account number. First off, if I need to have a bank account to use a gift card,then why would I need the gift card? Secondly, why would anyone give their bank numbers to a site,even ebay?
I don't understand how ebay is popular with teens since I don't know of any teens with a bank account.
I know this seems like an odd rant but ebay needs something better than having everyone be paypal only. I'm glad I didn't click "buy now" only to found out the gift card wouldn't even work. I'm sticking with amazon for online buying. Sure they don't money orders but their gift card system is alot better. No bank accounts need,no singing up for another site just to use. Amazon gift cards are like itunes giftcards, for the site buy the site unlike ebay