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Thread: Starting a Class Action Lawsuit Against Paypal (Vicitims Join Me)

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    BusinessAl Guest

    Default Starting a Class Action Lawsuit Against Paypal (Vicitims Join Me)

    Im starting a class action law suit against paypal. If you have been violated then you must join me. This will be a definite multi-million dollar settlement. Reply with your story and or support. We will need lawyers.

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    Roses Guest


    I'm all for it! paypal closed my case for a refund after I was sold a couterfeit item. I was not even given the opportunity to provide documentation, wich I have. Their excuse is that they don't support claims against the quality of items, only the shipment of goods. One of the multiple choice boxes you can check when starting your dispute, is couterfeit handbag. Then they turn right around and decide in favor of the person who scammed you, without even reviewing your case. I have since filed a complaint with the bbb.

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    Agent86 Guest

    Default National Merchant Bancard FYI-repost-2


    I've research the links people have been posting

    Noticed there is not address or phone number on these links, however if you click on the apply link this will take you to the address.

    Also notice many of the links posted are complete scams, because when you look at the RATES there is NO mention of the GATEWAY fee of $20-$30 per month.

    Not that this is outragous fee or anything, however not to mention it is a scam.

    The real site for National is [url=]Accept Credit Cards, Merchant Account, Credit Card Processing - Rates[/url] which does show the actual gateway rates.

    I don't like being pulled away from paypal sucks subject to now talk about National Merchant Bancard affiliates suck.

    So it leads me to think the ones who posted the bogus affiliate links are them self scams, and thus does not help make the case of paypal sucks.

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