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Thread: Shill Bidding on eBay: A Case Study

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    PhilipCohen Guest

    Default Shill Bidding on eBay: A Case Study

    For anyone who buys on eBay, a detailed case study of a classic instance of blatant shill bidding and the abuse of eBay’s proxy bidding system—all exacerbated by eBay’s introduction of “hidden bidders”—and a detailed comment on eBay’s apparent attitude thereto, at [url][/url]
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    WTF-Ebay Guest

    Default shill bidding

    I made ebay aware of a shill bidder. Even after I sent them an email of the user asking me to bid his items up for him and they said there was no proof! After all that guy is a powerseller they must protect them!

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    PhilipCohen Guest

    Default Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #2

    Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #2

    Shining some light on the more sophisticated and therefore harder to detect shill bidding activity by some “professional” sellers on eBay auctions

    Oh no, not another case study on shill bidding on eBay auctions? Yes, sorry, another one. This time a spreadsheet analysis of multiple auctions from some "professional" sellers from the US and Australia. Needless to say the analysis demonstrates, once again, that, contrary to eBay's claims, shill bidding by many “professional” sellers is rampant on eBay auctions. The full comment and spreadsheet download links at:
    [url=]AuctionBytes :: View topic - Shill Bidding on eBay: Case Study #2[/url]

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    powerseller Guest


    Its probably eBay themselves knowing the sort of carp they come up with!


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