Ok guys here I go,

About four years ago I sold a brand new phone on eBay, it had loads of accessories with it,
And as said was new, after selling it I shut down my pay pal account as I was only 17 and didnít really own a lot to sell,

Well that all was four years ago, ÖÖ. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK hi Iím mr debt collector you owe pay pal

So I got on the phone to pay pal, and asked them what it was for, as I donít own a pay pal account and havenít done for about 4 years, they asked me to confirmed details with them, what is you email address sir, so I told them, no sorry not on our system, any other yes so I told them the other one, ok I have your account, you cant have my account as I donít have one,
Long story short, they hadnít shut down the account, and told me the customer who I sold the phone to said it was not working and they gave him the money back, and let him keep the phone as they were not in a position to ask for the phone back,

I told them that my email account had got hacked in to and password had been changed so I wouldnít of got any emails sent by them, they told me I should of updated my account, but I had shut it down,

Iím in a loop with them and now NCO and there other companies are after me for something I sold on eBay years ago,, that I have only just found out about

Can anyone help