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Thread: And YOU thought eBay was bad: IOFFER.COM is WORSE !!!

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    Default And YOU thought eBay was bad: IOFFER.COM is WORSE !!!

    And YOU thought eBay was bad: ioffer is WORSE !!!

    I stopped selling DVDs and Blu-Ray on eBay in 2008 when the eBay V.E.R.O became to bad.
    The eBay Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program got out of hand and forced many sellers offering legal products, like DVDs and CDs, into suspension.

    So many then many sellers moved on to ioffer.

    We listed 5 brand/new factory sealed Blu-rays on ioffer, we had bought two weeks earlier on Amazon:

    Batman Begins [Blu-ray] (2005)
    March of the Penguins [Blu-ray] (2005)
    Twister [Blu-ray] (1996)
    I Am Legend [Blu-ray] (2007)
    300 [Blu-ray] (2007)

    Two days later we received a notification from the Warner Brother C.O.P.S. (Counter Online Piracy System) that our listings were infringing on their copyright (which is 100% untrue), and our ioffer account was thus terminated.

    We contacted the Warner Brother C.O.P.S., provided valid Amazon receipts POP (Proof of Purchase) for all items: WB did not care, or act on our behalf, apart from sending us a useless template suspension message.

    ioffer does not care about people being unrightfully and unlawfully suspended sellers, stating it is none of their business: "iOffer Customer Service can not assist you with COPS removed items."


    Ioffer is dying a slow similar eBay-like death by not standing up for their sellers, and being intimidated by WARNER BROS, for example. It is thus, NOT A VIABLE WEBSITE FOR SELLING, and serious, professional sellers will have to look elsewhere* to list their items.

    WARNER BROS (WB) is a company that blatantly violates people's rights as consumer/customer.

    You may not want to purchase any Warner Bros. products anymore (Myself, family and friends have stopped!) as WB continues to violate constitutional rights of others under the guise of copyright infringement. WB, today, has become Orwell's BIG BROTHER, it pretends and acts as if it is the police, or law enforcement, when, in all truth, it is just a privately held company, desperate for survival by bullying and intimidating others, and by default, others freedom and legal rights. In that way, WB itself has become involved in illegal activity, which seems to know no boundaries.

    So, having said:

    start selling and buying at companies*, which are NOT intimidated by VERO, or COPS systems, treat people like human beings and put the customer/consumer first; among them are:

    These are growing fastly and will treat you with courtesy and respect, unlike eBay and ioffer, apart from actually being fun and generating sales.

    ************************************************** *********************************
    Spread the news, tell all your friends, family, business partners about them!!!!
    ************************************************** *********************************

    I am sending this story to all blogs, media outlets and news agencies around the world!

    Ken Attkinson
    Chicago, IL

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    Angry c.o.p.s

    Ioffer allows you to sell copies of movies and the when c.o.p.s suspends you for doing so ioffer wont stand by you. But yet they take the money when you make a sale. They should be charged to along with the seller.

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    Wow! Great thkinnig! JK

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    Thank God! Someone with brains spekas!

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    Lol ioffer always sucked. It was the best place to buy fake stuff. I even sold items there and couldnt compete with the chinese.

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    I do sell at iOffer. This is kind of best alternate to ebay which has huge traffic.

    Its not only infested with fakes but also lot of scams that I have seen. I have had bad experience as a seller as well as buyer there.

    Customer service is the worst in the world. There are 3 people who assist the entire iOffer issues.

    Sometime you may receive a reply or never no matter how many times you try contacting them.

    The only way to contact them is through online tickets, mail and twitter.

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