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Thread: Why don't you all stop trolling?

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    britfag Guest


    (mods I may have got these posts jumbled up sorry, did i leave this bit out?)

    I know you're all interested now, wanting to know what it is I done eh? Well I tell you what you can take, quite POSSIBLY a grands worth of goods from PayPal and not pay a fucking penny and leave all the responsibility for the dough with them. How about that eh?

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    Ex EE Guest


    You are correct, PayPal in general is a good company to do business with. However, after 8 years of working for them, they fired me with no recourse. The reason they gave was BS. It just so happened to be around budget time (October) and those that had worked there since it was PayPal were being paid considerably more than what new hires could be paid. There are many things that PayPal could do and should do differently. There are also many reasons that people sue PayPal and do win.

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    TonyCastellini Guest


    My experience with eBay and PayPal has been a total hellish experience.

    After being an honest seller in eBay for many many years having high volume of sales but because of spoiled customers who complain for the slighest little thing they closed my account that I had worked very hard for many years. PayPal also closed my account with an amount that they are witholding of over $2,500 of honest work. After completing PayPal’s instructions to the letter of the things I needed to do in order for them to lift the limitations on my account, and after waiting for a whole week for them to unrestrict my account, now they are using “other excuses” not to allow me to have access to my account or my money.
    After speaking to an account representative for more than two hours this person finally confessed to me that behind all the excuses what they really wanted was to suspend my account indefinitely and remove me from PayPal. They were following strict orders from eBay. Why PayPal being the number one company in this type of business is not honest with me and they weren’t clear with me from the beginning? After requesting five requirements from me in order to unlock my account, and they gave me five days for me to resolve the issue, why did they come up with other excuses after waiting for a week? Why isn’t PayPal honest with me and why do they lie? PayPal is definitely not a trustworthy company.
    But the representaitve that I spoke to on the phone had to admit later they were sorry to lose me as their customer because I generated much business for them for many years with a good customer service. But she couldn’t do anything for me, because they give the buyer all the rights no matter that you have been an honest seller. This is the reason why the buyer takes advantage of every situation and they mistreat and abuse the honest seller.
    In the meantime, eBay continues to send intimidating messages to my customers telling them that I am not a registered user and causing in my customers a chain panic and I can not even answer the messages because my account is blocked and my hands are tied. These messages are from my customers asking me what is going on with their purchase that I sent to them and they think the worst. This is causing a cascade of disputes from them that I do not deserve. On top of that I am not allowed to print the shipping labels of my orders because my PayPal account is limited.
    Ebay and PayPal have both tied my hands and I cannot work to finish my transactions as I have always done.
    This is a mafia, a monopoly, an empire!
    What has happened to the anti-monopoly laws in this country?
    This last transaction has been a nightmare. I had faith in eBay and PayPal as being the number one company in this business, but their anti-professional, dirty and intimidating practices demonstrate they are not a reliable company.
    I want nothing ever to do with them. I am switching over to the competition.
    Ebay is transforming itself into a monopoly. Each day they are gaining more and more power and establishing outlandish and discriminating policies especially against the sellers. PayPal was created by eBay to control all your information they collect from you including your bank account information. PayPal is acting as eBay’s police. They are on the hunt to close down every eBay account from honest sellers they may simply just not approve of or like. If you are an honest seller, let it be known that you have been WARNED! This can happen to you at any moment. I never thought it would happen to me, until one good day it did. Where ever you see the words eBay and PayPal I recommend you run for the hills! If you are a seller and you have experienced a situation similar to this one, please share your experience here.
    Below you will find alternative payment methods web sites you can use instead of PayPal. They have been recommended to me by other eBay sellers who have left eBay and PayPal. Please let here know your opinion of which of these electronic payment methods you recommend:

    3- WorldPay
    4- BluePay
    6- Paytrust
    7- CCNow
    8- ProPay
    9- Moneybookers
    10- Bank of America and Citibank

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    itscauseiknowmyshit Guest


    Actually thats kinda wrong, well thats if youre in australia. You know how ebay puts that little msg up about buyer protection when you list...well they lie.

    According to australian law

    Do I have rights if there is a problem with my purchase?
    When you buy goods and services from an online business or in a shop, for example, consumer protection laws give you certain rights. Your protections are not the same when you buy goods at an auction.

    Hence Ebay/paypal is full of shit and they are misleading the australian public. Research your countrys' law and see where you stand.

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    Pink Bunny Guest


    Paypal sucks. They limited my account today for simply being possibly linked to limited accounts. That's after they charged an arm and a leg for donations to my NONPROFIT organization.


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