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Thread: Why don't you all stop trolling?

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    PaypalDefender Guest

    Default Why don't you all stop trolling?

    There is no pending "big Paypal lawsuit". 99% of people saying they will sue Paypal will not do it and the rest will lose. This forum is all about frustrated people fantasying revenge even though THEY are at fault for losing their money.

    Paypal is great. You guys are all idiots and your so-called "big massive lawsuit" are the real scam.

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    The Last Church Guest

    Thumbs down PayPal is on the way out

    I successfully sued and won. PayPal was forced to pay me and several others.
    PayPal are crooks looking for a place to steal your money. the 180 days
    they keep your money before, if at all, they give you back your money makes them millions.
    Ebay is not much better and they to will fail. There are better places to buy and sell.

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    tjkidus1 Guest


    paypaldefender, what department of pp do you work?

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    bidonlots-aucpay Guest

    Default paypal are conmen

    yes paypal are as bas as conmen they are not great but the opposite, paypal seem to favour the conmen and you lose money, for instance they say they protect your purchase,but thats a load of rubbish, why because i myself bought something off ebay and when i got the item is was not what i bid for,paypal instantly closed the dispute saying we dont cover items not as described,so really they help conmen and scammers, now i have decided enough is enough with paypal and ebay and have started my own auction site where sellers CAN ask for any method of payment and including the new AUCPAY auction payment system, nobody will be forced to used aucpay like ebay forces you to use paypal, i do hope to give ebay and paypal a good run for their money as they are dead ducks as far as im concerend, its about time someone rivaled ebay and paypal, THAT TIME IS HERE
    so bidonlots is the auction site and aucpay will be the new payment system, if anyone wants to help make this site better than ebay i welcome all sugestions, the time is here to end all this pushing and shoving around by paypal and ebay, i do hope one day ebay and paypal will be HASBEENS

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    bidonlots-aucpay Guest

    Default sue paypal

    very well said and thats why i started my own auction site and my own auction payment system,no red tape here pushing you around,ordering you about of little account, its time ebay and paypal were abandoned for something better and im going to do just that

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    geoff Guest


    Does your site offer any protection? didnt think so eBay aint going anywhere dream on boy

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    engynyr Guest

    Thumbs up Never heard such a lie in my life!

    You obviously work at paypal. In fact when I called them, I asked how it felt to work for the f****** worst and hated company in the world. They acted like they didn't hear me and went on talking.

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    ThereIsNoGod Guest


    You obviously work with PayPal.

    "frustrated people fantasying revenge even though THEY are at fault for losing their money."

    Hey, It's not my fault PayPal ignores the fact that I was sent money from the same IP from accounts that are registered to people in two entirely different states with entirely different names, whom disputed me over Virtual Goods and lied about which type he sent it as.

    And most PayPal disputes are on the side of the quick fix: giving the money back, so they can charge you a fucking fee again. You guys are the greediest money-hungry fucks on this planet, did you enjoy freezing a Charity fund for Katrina then keeping all the fees?

    "Paypal is great."

    Then why does it takes days on end to get responses from you?
    Why do my "Contact Us" e-mails get constant automated responses that have nothing to do with the content of the question?
    Why can I barely understand your PayPal Representatives on your phone line?
    Why do I still have a PayPal under-age?

    "You guys are all idiots and your so-called "big massive lawsuit" are the real scam."

    I don't work for a company of thieves. I think I'm winning.

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    britfag Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by PaypalDefender View Post
    There is no pending "big Paypal lawsuit". 99% of people saying they will sue Paypal will not do it and the rest will lose. This forum is all about frustrated people fantasying revenge even though THEY are at fault for losing their money.

    Paypal is great. You guys are all idiots and your so-called "big massive lawsuit" are the real scam.
    Quote Originally Posted by PaypalDefender View Post
    There is no pending "big Paypal lawsuit". 99% of people saying they will sue Paypal will not do it and the rest will lose. This forum is all about frustrated people fantasying revenge even though THEY are at fault for losing their money.

    Paypal is great. You guys are all idiots and your so-called "big massive lawsuit" are the real scam.
    Troll detected.

    If you are correct on the first point, that there is no class action law suit being pursued then that really is a shame indeed. They need to be taught a fucking lesson and show them that they can't take the piss like that, because that is exactly what they are doing, and in some cases it really is affecting some people's lives in a big way, especially those that make their living with it! One point there though, is WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE LEAVE LIKE TEN OR TWENTY ***GRAND*** /cruise control in their accounts???? OMFG I can' believe it when I see that. Can anyone give me a good reason for doing that? I mean apart from the fact that they do this to people they ain't a bank so if they go broke, you ain't even got the usual protection you would have there. I wouldn't even leave 20 quid in there or more, let alone 20 GRAND, if I don't withdraw it cause it's too low I spend it on any old shit off of ebay, so someone else can get it frozen LOL.

    We got our account frozen once, I was using my server in France to login and I bought three items off of Fleabay, I recieved the items and all that no problem. I hadn't logged in to my PayPal account during the meantime though. I logged into ebay and I've got irrate messages off of my sellers saying that I had taken the money back that I had paid them!!!! I was like lolwut wtf has happened there. So I logged into my GayPal account and found that all of the transactions that I had made whilst logged into my French server had been refunded to me and my account had been limited. I phoned up the customer non-service and spoke to the cunts and they told me that they suspected my account had been compromised by a third party and that they had made purchases on my account. I pointed out to them that the items were tangible goods being delivered to my registered PayPal address which is not exactly what a fraudster would do. I then told them that I was IN France when I made the transaction (didn't want to confuse the single celled creatures talkin' bout proxies etc etc (btw it was my own dedi Server in France NOT a public proxy)) and that is why they had flagged me up. Strangely they said that they would remove the restrictions from my account but WOULD NOT restore the transactions to the sellers accounts that I had made. But the strange thing was that they said that to de-limit my account I had to enter a 4 digit pin that they would be sending in the post. The strangeness in that was that I had already done that when I confirmed my address, as everyone else has to do when they conform their address, so why did they make me wait for another pin? It took almost four fucking weeks to arrive and all that time of got those angry sellers breathing down my neck for the payments that they are missing from me, along with the goods that they have sent me. One lady seller in particular started to become VERY vicious openly accusing me of stealing off of her by getting PayPal to reverse the transaction even though I showed her screenshots of the emails and shit from PayPal. EVENTUALLY got it sorted and got them paid and got a shy apology from the woman that was accusing me of all sorts lol.

    ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAYYY finally on to some GOOD STUFF THAT YOU can do to PayPal to get your own back. I have done this twice, and I don't know if it still works, but I can gurantee you that it worked for me, and it probably will for you too. I've only done it twice cause you need different bank accounts to do it and I've only got two.

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    britfag Guest


    I know you're all interested now, wanting to know what it is I done eh? Well I tell you what you can take, quite POSSIBLY a grands worth of goods from PayPal and not pay a fucking penny and leave all the responsibility for the dough with them. How about that eh?

    What you do is this: Set up your PayPal so it's all legit, everything is running and good and at the Premier Account level (I used Premier both times, so thats my method). Here's the key, set up that Instant Bank Transfer funding shit option whatever the fuck it is. Now don't fuck about let's get straight in there. (You're thinking I'm mad now lol) You go and make a small purchase from eBay or some place that does PayPal and pay for it using the instant bank transfer option. Now we know that it ain't instant right???!!!oneoneone That's the whole fuckin point of this gig man. It takes about three to five days for the money to leave your account. Once the money for the small purchase has come out of your account, if it's the first purchase you've made, that will "initiate" the direct debit payment set up at your bank if you know what I mean. If you have online banking, if you log on you will see that in your account, motherfucking PayPal, on your list of direct debits, this is where we fuck those cunts like they fuck us. CANCEL the direct debit. ANY FUCKING WAY YOU CAN. If you ain't got online banking get on the phone and do it. And even if you've got online banking get on the phone and cancel ALL of the cards that you registered with PayPal and get new ones with new numbers.

    Now you are ready to take your revenge. The following instrucions are layed out in a special easy to follow format, that the simplest of people can follow lol:

    1: Go to your favourite shopping sites that accept our freindly neighbourhood PayPal, visit several of them. I done all of my "shopping" on eBay, it's my favourite LOL.

    2: Once on your site(s) of choice SPEND AS MUCH AS YOU FUCKING CAN 'TIL it won't let you spend any more. In the end it will come up with a message about your registered card(s) being refused.

    3: Accept delivery of ordered items (the best bit)

    4: ????????

    5: Profit!!!!!!

    That's about it guys! And I swear on my kid's lives it worked for me twice. Both times I got up to bang on a grands worth of stuff (pounds sterling) give or take a couple of quid. Once you have used up as much as it'll let you, it comes up with the message about your card beinf refused. So up until now it has been using "Instant Bank Transfer" lol, which basically means that they're gonna take the money from your account in three days, but give you a grands worth of leeway for some reason.

    Now, the first time I done it, I DID get a little bit stung. I didn't know about cancelling the direct debit, and even though I didn't have anywere near enough money in there to cover the purchases they cost me a fucking fortune in bank charges lol so I did pay a bit. I think it was almost two hundred quids worth lol. I didn't even get em paid back to me or let off by the bank. That's how I learned for the second run to cancel everything!! I say everything, cause on the first run, after I cancelled the DD they took for one of the smaller purchases from my debit card, and that was about 70 or 80 pounds. So on the first run, I got the grands worth for about 300 quid. I'm just glad I had the chance to do the second run to perfect it.

    All I ended up getting in the end was my account limited (bawwww), several emails to remind me that my account was in the negative lol and some letters from the dreaded Intrum Justicia. Oh yeah.... I also got a few phone calls from them, I just told them to fuck off, literally. Actually I got into an interesting discussion with them once about data protection. I gave them my name but refused to give them my name and address and DOB so interestingly enough they REFUSEDto discuss the account with me any further. Needless to say that amused me no end and suited my purposed perfectly!!

    Now I can imagine some of those amongst you would be worrying about the implication of having this hanging over you in the way of a debt. Now I don't know about the USA, but I investigated the matter thoroughly for my own peace of mind from a UK perspective, as I did become a little concerned about the two different accounts that they might chase me for. What I discovered was that as far as getting the money back from you, or marking your credit rating in a bad way goes, they DON'T HAVE A FUCKING LEG TO STAND ON.

    Why is this? I hear you ask..... This my friends is because firstly for their OWN sordid needs they try their best NOT to be classed as a banking institution or regulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) here in the UK, this mean that they are not licensed to provide you with credit by way of a credit agreement. And you should indeed realise that you have never signed a credit agreement with PayPal in the signup process, nor do you ever sign up with them them for one in the normal running of a PayPal account. And because this is the LAW (in the UK for sure) this means that whatever they say on their "Terms of Service", that you so carefully read when you register, that it does not supercede the law. They can't legally make you pay the money back by way of court order or bailiff or anything like that. The onlhy power THEY have is to kindly ask you for the money back lol. And the right that YOU have is to simply tell them to FUCK OFF.

    How about that? Is that getting your own back on PayPal or what? As I said it worked for me twice, i couldn't give a fuck what anyone has to say about it I'm just sharing my experience with you guys, and I sincerely hope that this trick does still work and that people try it and succeed. Not for the good of the people lol I couldn't give a fuck about any of you why should I but I am highly entertained at the thought of the massive traffic that hits this site reading this and trying this trick out and fucking PayPal over lol. Think if a thousand readers tried this and succeeded that would cost them fuckers a million quid lololololol. And it's so good at the end of it all to have THEM begging YOU for THEIR money. Oh how the worm CAN turn. Good luck if you do try it, and the worst that happens is you now have a PayPal account lol. if you didn't before.

    I hope you enjoyed reading this post, I only intended it to be one paragraph lol, but hey I've been meaning to share this for ages!!



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