I'd like to say hello to everyone out there that no longer uses payscum. [URL="http://www.paypalblows.org"]Paypalblows[/URL] was setup to help along the other great sites such as paypalsucks.com paypalwarning.com and more so that we can all join together in this great boycott.

See payscrub thinks they are going to dominate the gateway market and if they really think this, they must be playing with themselves. See they bought verisign and I believe they are trying to buy some other companies out there they provide gateway services for credit card merchants. Whats going to wind up happening is that people that already have merchant accounts through these services will end up losing their accounts because they may sell things that payscrub doesn't approve of.

Lets say your a baker and you sell baked goods from your website, payscum comes in and buys your merchant account company/bank then decides to regulate or tell you how to sell your goods or worse they tell you that you can no longer collect online payments for the goods your selling. This is what this company is trying to do and if were not careful they will get away with it until the government steps in and regulates their ass and makes them conform to banking rules.

The only way to stop this large giant from taking over is too no longer shop on any website that offers a paypal payment option. Many shopping sites will list their payment options on their main page. If you see the paypal logo, simply email that shopping site and tell them to remove their paypal payment options or you will not be shopping at that site.

If you know of some well known large shopping sites off hand that take the paypal payment option that you would like to boycott, simply list them below.

Here are just a couple of sites I would like to boycott for using the payscum payment option:


thank you!