Been looking for a real alternative to paypal and I found something that looks really promising called "pecunix" - it's a gold based currency with privacy and extreme security. The rates are substantially lower than paypal as well.

However, there is a catch..

The way they operate is to set up several market-makers who turn around and sell you gold. The nice thing about this model is that you get competitive rates (different market makers compete), if you don't like one company, you can use another. (paypal expressly forbids this) the downside is...

These market maker people are IMPOSSIBLE TO DEAL WITH. Try to "buy" some pecunix and you've got to upload photo ID's, phone bills, set up xfer wires and an AWFUL lot of red-tape and they don't even respond to your email, I've been trying for the past 2 weeks just to locate a reliable money changer who will actually do this.

No one in their right mind will put up with a month of being jacked around with just to get their pecunix account funded.

Why is that? This isn't a rhetorical question, I really want to know why these market maker people who sell gold based currency appear to go out of their way to make it difficult?

It's a real shame because the security of pecunix is better than even online banks, there are no charge-backs, once a transaction is committed, there is no going back (so if you get paid in pecunix, it's yours)

No phishing, because they use PGP for everything, the system is even resistent to keylogging software. It's a really impressive setup.

I'm a software guy, I have an idea for a business that accepts e-checks, credit cards, etc.. and works with these alternative currencies (unlike say, setting up yet another "paypal") I can write the software, but I lack an understanding of how e-checks work business-wise.

I'd like to find someone else who doesn't know software design but does understand the busines end of e-checks, merchant accounts, etc.. to work on something. (A bit of history, I've been involved with businesses in the past, some of them were successful, over 20 years experience in software design) Contact me if you want to discuss this.

Most of all, I want to know why these gold based currencies do backflips to make gold currencies difficult, unapproachable and why all the forums discussing them are filled with scams. (and so many flashing advertisements it feels completely untrustworthy)

Seems like a fundamentally good idea (especially for international trades)

Any idea why such an apparently good idea is so messed up?