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Thread: Buy on EBAY, in these times of crisis

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    Default Buy on EBAY, in these times of crisis

    Buy on EBAY, in these times of crisis, it is an economic suicide for the buyer. EBAY does not report clearly does not help or solve anything about a client's claim. Companies operating with EBAY disappear and appear again with another name.
    The material is purchased through EBAY deals are generally of poor quality and with some abnormality.

    My case is a scam of "Mega-J-Box UK, this company is no longer on the lists on eBay, however ... [url][/url] appears that the company replaced the previous sales through eBay.

    EBAY rising prices in their operations? never mind. The crisis makes it all the buyers are careful not to venture in this manner, ie no longer rely on EBAY.
    EBAY is a haven today, business failures and fraud. (Not all, of course ... But who is risking?)

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    Default william

    I don't know what this guy is talking about.In the last year I bought over 300 items ans all were good to excellent.My problem with ebay and paypal are as a seller.Also my back account was emptied by KIJIJI (kijiji)It took a long time to get my money back and it turns out that kijiji is owned by ebay.They acted as if some foreign hacker had done it.I asked if they contacted the FBI or law enforcement and they said no that they were just trying to get my money back.Is this weird or what!


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