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    Where to begin? In April of 2008 I switched my banking and made all the information changes on both Ebay and Paypal. This past Christmas I sold a item on Ebay and they were to withdraw my sellers fee thru my checking account they had on file. A couple of day's after they were to withdraw the sellers fee I get a email saying that the transaction was rejected by my bank and I was assessed a 15.00 fee.

    I called Ebay and found that they tried to withdraw the fee from my old bank account. I explained to the rep. that I had closed that bank account and changed my info. with them when I opened my new bank acct. The rep. said I could pay with Paypal if I wanted to which I did. I went to my Paypal acct. and did the transaction and it went thru with no problem. I few day's later I get another email from Ebay saying that I still owe for the sellers fee. I checked my Paypal acct. to make sure everything was good and found out that they also tried to withdraw the funds from my old bank acct. I have tried to explain to both Ebay and Paypal what happened and they both claim they don't see where I changed the information for the new bank acct. so Ebay refuses to take off the fees and I refuse to pay anything till this get's settled.

    Well guess what? I now get a letter from a collection agency to get the money for Ebay AND I get another email from Ebay wanting the sellers fee but the funny thing is the amount on the letter from the collection agency and the amount that Ebay want's in the email is a $8.00 difference and I don't know what to do....any advice?

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    Thumbs down Collection Agency

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