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Thread: Holding my money but still telling me to ship? Why is this happening?

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    Thumbs down Holding my money but still telling me to ship? Why is this happening?

    So here I am, minding my own business, selling three laptop computers that I refurbished. No big deal, I've been doing it for years. I usually get about $300 a piece and have been a loyal ebay/paypal seller for over 8 years. So I sell three laptops on ebay on Sat. My usually practice it to wait for payment, use my paypal card ot pay for shipping and then transfer the remaining balance to my checking account. But this time around for all three auctions I simply get a cryptic message in the transaction status that says "Payment Hold - Ship Now"...WTF???? I have no funds available to ship the items and I can't transfer the money. Paypal "customer service" does not respond to me at all and it's now been 3 days. Each of these machines costs a little over $40 to ship and insure (god forbid I had sold them to anyone overseas). So I dig in and I find an "update" to the paypal policy (which I obviously was not warned about before deciding to do business with them again). This poicy is apparently supposed to make Paypal "safer for all parites" although the rights of the seller seem to be even more disregrded than they were before. So in this policy is states that Paypal has now appointed itself the right to hold all funds on "suspicious transactions" for 21 DAYS not granting anyone access. To add insult to injury, they suggest to you, as if you were an idiot, that it's in your best interest to ship the item fast and provide good customer service...LOOKS WHOS TALKING!!! So now the only way to get your money faster (supposedly) is for the buyer to leave a positive feedback (which some people just don't do anyway) or for Paypal to "verify" that the item was shipped (which I suspect would probably take about 21 days). Again WTF!!!!! Why am I now being treated like a criminal? And what assurance do I have that I will EVER be paid once I part with my merchandise? But mostly who the hell do they think they are? The only problem I have EVER had with a transaction is when I GOT SCAMMED by someone who PAYPAL basically aided in stealing my money by accepting an "e-check" from a bogus bank account that *suprise* didn't reverse until after they received the $500 computer I sent.


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    Default paypal are abiding by credit card company rules

    yes, in short, because card companies like visa insist merchants ship product before charging the card, and paypal need the card companies on side, paypal simply reserve the right to withold payment before you have shipped the goods so they can keep the card companies sweet.


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