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Thread: Account suspended - and now "fun n games" start

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    Default Account suspended - and now "fun n games" start

    I was selling Mamiya RB 67 camera gear (all bought on eBay about 2 years ago) when the account got suspended. Eager to sort it out, I chatted with some guy "in Manily". He demanded that I send him a photograph of myself with certain items. I complied. Then he wanted a bank statement, which I did. That's when i gathered that they keep piling on ever changing demands. Scans? Nope, it's got to be by fax. Who is faxing these days?
    now they sent an e-mail saying their e-mail address which they asked me to send stuff to "cannot be used any more". I'm copying their e-mail to me:


    Thank you for taking the time to send your email. However, the email
    address you used to send the email can no longer be used to contact eBay
    UK customer support.

    The best way to contact eBay is to copy the below link in a new browser

    [url] &from=freeform[/url]

    Firstly sign in with your eBay User ID.
    Please use the ?search box? in the centre of the page to tell us about
    your issue or select one of the most common topics. This way, we can
    recommend the best way for you to contact us and thus providing you with
    a better, streamlined experience.

    We know your time is valuable and we appreciate you taking the time to
    express your concern with us. Please do not respond to this email. Any
    email sent as a response to this Acknowledgement will not reach us.


    eBay Customer Support

    So I scanned my passport and e-mailed utility bills for the house linked to the account. which I owned, so I sent the guy in Manily a link to the tax Collector's website. They have no genuine reason to suspect me of fraud. I own the gear and proved that. With 329 transactions and $ xx thousands turnover, I'm a stable user. Whatever their game is, eBay plays dirty!

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    I am surprised that people still continue to sell on ebay. The only thing that will get ebay to change its pathetic bullying tactics is when they have no customers. I made my mind up a long time ago that I would never use ebay or paypal again and I have stuck to it.
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    Default good luck

    good luck..they suspend for any contrived reason they want..ive been prohibited from selling because they believe im someone else who they canned forever..i did verify id and still cant sell. makes me soooo mad i wanna scream, but they control it all. its there world and they make all the rules, i hate them..the csr people just spit out rhetoric from the SOP manuals..hope i live long enough to see them go belly up..they sukk

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