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This is all Iím reading here, we must forget PayPal, yes we all want to so how as a seller on eBay do you do that, what payment method do you offer that is easy for the buyer, Answer is none, so will someone that has the knowledge bring PayPal to court and fucking ruin them
I have been with eBay and PayPal since 1999 I have over 13K unique 100% + Fb's, out of the blue, they have limited my accounts. EBay says I am limited to selling 28 items, or the equivalent to $1285 per month (WTF is this?) + PayPal is holding my monies for 21 days (up to) they claim, but has been 21 days.

eBay says, since I didn't sell for 6+ months I am limited. They will review again in 90 days to maybe lift that.(right....lol) PayPal say's if it is an eBay transaction that they will do the hold. In the mean time, when I ship, post a tracking number, it can be as soon as 7 days from tracking # added, they will release my money to me. The longer it takes to post a tracking the longer it takes to get your $$. Bottom line is if you ship and mark as shipped, but do not include tracking, they will hold for 21 days.

The Funny Thing, For my website Sales (PayPal shopping cart) my money is released immediately to me.

We need to file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Who is getting that interest on the held money "up to" 21 days. IT IS EBAY! Plain and simple!!
I feel if they are going to hold my money, do not charge the PP fees, or pay me the interest that they are getting on my money.