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Thread: 21 day hold on funds! Please help

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    danandjack Guest

    Default 21 day hold on funds! Please help

    Hi I have been selling on Ebay for about 3 months now, just recently when I sold anything my funds have been held by paypal, I have 400 pounds being held which is alot of money to me, this seems completely unfair as it holds your postage cost too so I am dipping into my savings (which aren't much) to post out! is there any way of listing this! I have tried the 1p refund but it releases it and then holds it again. Suppose I'll just have to keep posting out quick but it seems a complete an utter rip off to me, would welcome anyones comments or help, thanks Helen

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    nirelandguy Guest



    Doing the same to me, the 1p refund doesn't work anymore

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    spitfireXVI Guest

    Default paypal

    this is paypal protecting themselves from from CHARGEBACKS.

    You have a few ways to go about this.

    Post in your auctions for people to contact you before making payments.

    Upon contact inform the customer that you do not except checks thus cannot accept paypal payments that are on hold, give them better options and a small % discount on using other forms of payment including check, money order moneybookers etc.

    2nd way--In your auction write that you do NOT EXCEPT PAYPAL but on the bottom allow this... word it to make the person on the other side understand why you don't want PayPal but will take it under circumstances (they involve instant money transfers)

    Money transferred from PayPal to paypal clear instantly if the customer chooses the option, you need to convey your full intentions without breeching the whatever bulshit ebay enforces.

    By advertising say moneybookers as chosen over ever other by users etc.... just be a person not a money hungry robot.... I duno Im writing this while some fucking retarded drunk guy is singing behind the cardboardfucking wall those are all my thoughts.

    I hope this gives you a little insight or ideas, remind you this isnt a solution just some thoughts of what I .. should do =)

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    kirkie Guest



    I joined paypal literally 7 days ago when signing up to E-Bay, my intention to sell off some stuff to gain cash for christmas!

    well I have had a hold placed on my first transaction! WOO! The 1p thing don't work & every one is keepin another workaround a stricsly guarded secret!!

    I have E-mailed my buyer informing him I cannot ship his item untill the funds clear! & Put a message on all my other auctions in BIG RED BOLD saying I will not ship untill funds are clear!

    I do not understand what paypal are doing, ailienating sellers & pissing off buyers, can they not see that eventually they will have no customers if they carry on doing this?

    I have sold one thing on E-Bay & regretting it now! I may just go to a carboot sale with my wares!

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Paypal Rip-Off

    I don't use tPaypal anymore for selling anything. This 21 day hold they are doing is as bad as the sacmmers they alarm everyone about!

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    charlesronaldo Guest


    The payment is pending because you are not yet verified. You must verify your account before you can accept this payment.

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    Unregistered Guest


    I am verrified with 100% FB

    I sent the following to my Congress and Senators, also FTC Complaint. Feel free to copy and use it as an outline!!!

    I wish this letter to serve as formal complaint and have E-bay/ Pay Pal charged Federally with the following outlined unfair Business practices.

    As an American producer of 100% USA made products, E-Bay and their proprietary means of online payment, Pay-Pal are engaging in the unfair holding of my account for 21 days although my customers have been 100% happy with all products received.

    This practice keeps the small guy such as myself (a home based manufacturer) at serious disadvantage over drop shippers of foreign products. I have called Pay-Pal three times explaining the need for access to MY money as was in past practice (instantaneous), when the customer paid. I further explained the need was in direct relation to overhead in the manufacture of my goods.

    Pay-Pal representatives Jenny and Gus could only say that Pay-Pal considered my account to be high risk because I didnít sell more than 30 items per month and presented the lie that I was some sort of new seller despite being with E-Bay since itís inception. I was hung up on all three times while asking for a Supervisor. They said they didn't care if I contacted my elected officials over this matter.

    Pay-Pal boasts that they are the fastest way to send and receive money VIA the Internet. HOG WASH to say the least as E-bay makes their service a necessity.

    Also a bone of contention is the fact that E-Bay is charging fee upon my USPS mailing expenses, giving more advantage to foreign goods being drop shipped. They already receive bulk rates, import and export tax exemptions not to mention their employers donít pay SS in some parts of the World where these goods originate!

    Pay-Pal is a financial institution with means of destroying my credit and access to my accounts. How is it legal for you to pay me for a good or service (being 100% satisfied as a customer) and Pay-Pal to withhold my pay from me without just cause?

    All of this comes at a time when we are supposed to be creating American jobs, I think? What more can a Representative expect from a constituent? Iíve created a product competitive with the Chinese. Iíve been getting an unfair E-Bay tax put on my USPS mailing expenses, and now a proprietary financial institution is holding my customer payments that Iím using for overhead. I also wanted to note that both E-bay/ Pay-Pal have declared and taken fees from the amount Iím owed while withholding these monies from me.

    I thought this might interest you, because how will I ever hire anybody given these situations? Thanks sincerely for your attention on this matter.

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    CecilSaxon Guest


    I have been on eBay since March of 1999. Because I have only 17 Paypal transactions, I have been branded a threat or risk to the community and deemed a below standard member, therefor funds to be held for up to 21 days. (Despite 100% feedback on 73 different eBay transactions and a member on Ebay for nearly 12 YEARS)

    The call center in India was polite enough but simply reading scripts. They were unequipped to handle a conversation beyond parroting that script they were provided.

    Once my funds are released I WILL NEVER USE EBAY OR PAYPAL again. NEVER. I will become a vocal critic of eBay and Paypal, providing my opinion and perspective at every possible turn.

    Thousands of dollars in transactions over the years and many frustrating moments with eBay sellers and buyers only to cling to the original warm fuzzy eBay gave me in the early days when we used to send checks or money orders through the mail. Well the wake up call was received loud and clear eBay/Paypal. Goodbye, I hope you "greatly appreciated my feedback" as the call center folks said tonight.

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    Default It does not have to be so hard

    When you go to a store and pay for your purchase the store gets their money and you get your product. When you buy something on an online website (that's not using paypal) you get your item and they get your money. Somehow this is not the way it works with Paypal and eBay. Why I don't know but the loops you have go through to get your money when using Paypal for selling is just unbelievable. People it is time to step away from Paypal.

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    This is all i'm reading here, we must forget paypal, yes we all want to so how as a seller on ebay do you do that, what payment method do you offer that is easy for the buyer, Answer is none, so will someone that has the knowlege bring paypal to court and fucking ruin them


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