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    I like a Hundred or More user's on would like to Know WHO Regulates eBay/PayPal? I would like to refer to a National News Paper report dated 11 march 2009,
    Last year,I sold two VIP tickets for the Cheltenham Festival on eBay.The buyer paid through PayPal and asked me,via eBay to send the tickets directly to a third party he was selling them on to.He then complained to PayPal that he hadn't receieved the goods.It turned out he has cheated many people this way. PayPal insists that, in accordance with its rules,goods are sent to the purchaser and I must provide evidence of this.I can prove this buyer received the tickets and eBay has confirmed the instructions to send the tickets directly to a third party was genuine.PayPal has paid the conman 124.99 (as a part-payment of the tickets) from my account and instructed debt collectors to chase up a further 124.99. The seller got in touch with this Newspaper,eBay/PayPal settled with the Seller.
    How are eBay/PayPal allowed to take money out of a Bank account without the person who's account it is agreeing with that action? How do you Sue eBay/PayPal in the UK Courts? I did with Success.they will tell you they are registered in Luxembourg?but have Several address's in the UK,Still located in Richmond.Surrey.

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    Nobody! The problem is people are suck morons, every year PayPal gets suied and idiot moron people always settle and PayPal gets away with it over and over again! The thing is people should not settle, because if they settle PayPal gets away with it and they can do it over and over again. If it goes to court and they are found guilty then PayPal will change because then and only then by law will they be known as doing something illegal and it would be all over the news.

    Once its on the news, if PayPal wants to stay in business they will change. They want to screw people over and over left and right and not have the public know how they really operate.



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