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Thread: down with paypal and ebay

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    anniemay Guest

    Default down with paypal and ebay

    stop using paypal,fastest way to bring down ebay/paypal.they got to big and greedy and left us smaller buisnesses in the dirt.they deserve to go us at alertpay and ebid,were not a tattletail community,which is what ebay community means.vero my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    justicewillcome Guest

    Angry the quickest way to bring them down is to use their own sys to fuck them up

    lets face it, when ebay started it was a nice community.

    then the rogue sellers come, they sell a few thousand items each month with less than half the market price, and sell the fake goods with load of issues and no warranty at all.

    These power sellers from HK and China pay ebay $1500+ commission each month and because of their price they literally wiped other sellers off the board.

    when you are a seller like this, ebay won't even touch you. I have just recently had a case with a HK seller, ebay ID ecdepot who literally forgot to send me my orders and refused to admit it. I then had to
    spent hours with ebay and paypal, all I got was, sorry, I can't raise a case after 45 days and get my moeny back, I can try to work this out with seller in HK or leave negative feedback.

    I then found that each moth, periodically, there are 3-4 buyers won't even get their orders. our voices were lost in the feedback because sellers like that they get 600+ feedbacks in a month.

    I want to get people who has Ebay accounts here, and I want to punish these sellers who treated buyers like shit. it is because of them we lost confidence on online shopping and they just walk away without a slap on the wrist and keep ripping other buyers from the world.

    if you have an ebay account, I want you to join me or tell us your story and we will kick the ass of your seller for you.

    email is [email][/email]

    I will tell you exactly how to do this and it works. I got a friend who used to work for ebay customer service and we will use the rules ebay created to bring them down

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    Thatguy387 Guest


    With the current situation in the world, I avoid any sellers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, etc. We have a murderous deficit with China already and we don't need to be contributing to it by getting ripped off in the process of selling out our country overseas.

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    moneymaker1966s Guest

    Default that's right

    quite fucking monopolists..

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    empresdeb Guest


    This happened to me at xmas, after a couple weeks, no item, I contacted EB, had contacted seller a number of times. I just wanted a refund. EB STARTED MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEM!!!
    Now, it is strictly USA which is the way it should continue to be, let's give it back to the US.
    Thanks for the enlightenment


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