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    I live over here on the space coast of Florida.
    The paypal founder now has a another company. Space X.
    Not sure if he still has vested interest in PayPal or not.
    Before I write this just so people know, I do not work for space program and never had. I have worked in other fields completely unrelated to Space industry. I know personally people that do work for Space X though.
    This Space X is the our current administrations ace in the hole plan to replace NASA. When you think of something like sending rockets into space you don't think of a character like Saturday Nights Fever's "Tony Manero" running the company. This guy has got the reputation for a being huge Coke head party animal. Personally I don't care much what people do in there private time but just don't be in charge of something as important as our nations space program. My spouse has seen the private face book photos of him and his top cronies going down on blow on his personal yacht through a 1 degree connection. Amazingly he is pretty blazing about it and doesn't take many precautions to keep that under wraps. I know of legitimate people with first hand knowledge of going to a public restaurant at the port and it coincided with this guys celebration party after he managed to squeak a rocket up without it blowing up. My friends actually had kids present at the restaurant and left because of this guys open and blatant activities with coke out on the bar. He has so much money and carries so much weight he just gets away with it around here. Just amazed at all the legitimate NASA workers being let go now and to think this paypal coke head is the future of our nations most prized possessions, the space program. To say it is frightening is an understatement. Just wondering if any of you X paypal employees out there know of similar accounts from his paypal days. Like I said I don't work for NASA or any space industry but feel really bad about the decision our government has made replacing NASA for this ScareFace character.

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    Im done with PayPal
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    So after the paypal founder stole our money he went and spent it on drugs and toys (rockets)? I do think the government has picked the right person for the job because is corruption, scandal, and total lack of judgement a requirement to work for the government and anyone that has worked for paypal has plenty of that to offer

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