Paypal have put limitations on my account and they want information off me:

tracking numbers for things i have sold, some items are over a year old! so i dont have it anymore.

They want to know who my supplier of the items i sell is. i haven't got a supplier i sell second hand goods every now and again.

They want to know my vat number: im not a business

They want issues sorted with accounts linked to me. : there my mother and fathers accounts. nothing to do with me!!..

Theres a few more questions aswell!.

There holding 175 of my money, i phoned them and asked what it was all about they asked me some questions that i then answered. then they said it was going to be manually reviewed but there was no guarantee i would get my account reinstated unless i could provide all the information above!

I dont know what to do about it, worst thing is the money in paypal doesnt even belong to me, i sold an item for my friend and have had to pay him out of my own pocket!

What can i do about this?.. would it be worth going to a solicitor?