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Thread: I sued PayPal in Michigan !!!

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    ciprianmuresan Guest

    Lightbulb I sued PayPal in Michigan !!!

    Because of PayPal I lost my Ebay business that was bringing me a couple thousand dollars a month.I tried hundreds of times to explain customer service that they did a mistake but all I got was bs.So I decided to sue them in a small claims court here in Michigan ,where I live.The trial is going to be on the 21st of april 2009.If there's anyone here,in MI,who wants to share information that might help my case,or wants to be at the trial or even testify email me at [email][/email]. Everybody should follow my example.


    They came after me with one of the best lawyer in Michigan. It's a 1000$/hour lawyer. They moved the trial to the civil division of the court. I gave up because it is mandatory to have a lawyer there and I couldn't affor a good one. And I couldn't find any lawyer that wants to assist me and get a portion of the winnings if we win. Sorry guys, I guess I just have to take the loss and move on. I stopped offering PayPal on my Ebay auctions and started to offer Propay, Moneybookers and Paymate. I am very impressed with all 3 of them.
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    4thesanfords Guest


    Good for you! Sue the bastards. If I were in MI I would definately help. Post the results here please.

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    vgaming Guest


    good luck, i hope you win. I plan on doing the same thing here in Delaware

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    CuriousGeorge Guest


    I live in Michigan and i was screwed out for 2,200 dollars i would LOVE to go to court with you here's what happened to me.

    Mejiers had a sale on xbox live microsoft points, which are never supposed to be on sale since they are an online currency, anyway i took advantage of this and bought a crazy amount of them knowing i could easily sell them on ebay for face value. I sold them on ebay, and sent them via email. Immediately after they got the codes they started filing disputes trying to get their money back AND the code. Even though paypal clearly states digital goods would be ended in the sellers favor and i talked to Roger who PROMISED he would be ending all of them in my favor, the next time i checked my account they had ended ALL of them in the BUYERS favor even though it says as clear as day all digital goods will be ended in the SELLERS favor. When i called paypal they said oops they had made a mistake but they had given far to many people their money back and would be closing my account until the negative balance was paid...

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    They've done the same thing to me recently. They limited my Paypal account with all of my business funds and made my user id No Longer a Registered User and cancelled all my items and closed my store. I have no way of contacting my customers via Ebay to let them know what's happening. Luckily I print all orders the day they happen so can complete the orders I can no longer access.

    I need to sue them in Colorado.

    What did you write for your Plaintiffs Claim?

    How much are you suing them for?

    Any information you have regarding this would be greatly appreciated. Contact me at [email][/email]

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    Default The Little Guy against a Giant

    This is why the injustice continues. Who can fight them one on one? I feel for you and everyone else here who has experienced the wrath of Paypal and eBay. After many days looking at forums like this it is obvious that many decent people that have used their services have been wrongfully and severely punished and penalized. Sometimes this has caused a major catastrophe in their life by instantly removing their source of income that they rely on to survive. And then to top it off, freezing their funds that they so desperately need. Utterly disgusting!
    Can you please share what issues that you had with Paypal that caused your loss? I am assuming that Paypal shut your account. If so, were you able to continue to use you original eBay account that you were selling on and just change the method of payments or did you have to get a fresh start? I keep hearing that when either Paypal or eBay shuts you down that the other will follow suit.
    Just for the record, I went through a harrowing experience with Paypal. As a result my mission is to spread the word about this unscrupulous company any way I can. More people should switch away from them. They cause so much distress. I will do my part to help the cause.

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    Just goes to show paypal and ebay are high powered thugs. They use the money they steal to quash legitimate lawsuits.


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