Firstly i would just like to say to all you mods and other idiots at Ebay & Paypal limited forums how much i hate you
and think that ur existense is pathetic.

Moving on , after trying to set up my own gadget site on ebay in late 2008 i was suspended by ebay for alledged '
infringemen ' when selling USB digi grabbers / USB tv recievers.
I then thought ..... fuk it , if eBay will not let me set up my own legitimate site i will open an illegitamte account
selling Fake / Copy DVD's.

At first i would sell real DVD's then once i seemed trustworthy launch the Fake campaign!

Amazingly it worked , and i was allowed to sell for much longer than my gadget account.

I simply refunded those who new my dvd's were fake in order to sustain a high enough feedback profile to keep the sales
rolling in.

Soon enough , the dreaded Paypal 21 day money hold crippled me as i could not withdraw my money and run. I knew that
my days where numbered and shore enough my Ebay account was blocked and my Paypal account was suspended within a few days.

Unfortunately all my money is still on hold , i have only now discovered that i could of easily inlocked and withdrawn
my money by using a partial refund method !

Paypal will keep my money for 150 days , after taking ebay fees out and settleing all the open disputes against me ,
giving the buyer refunds. (JOKE)

What anoyed me with eBay was those who i call 'SCAM BUYERS' .
These are the buyers who are either DVD sellers themselves , or acting on the behalf of DVD sellers or just DVD enthusiasts.
These people bought a brand new dvd that should cost 13.99 for 7.99 . They then demand a refund ,
buying knowing exactly what they are getting . (If i would of discovered how to take my money of hold
these muppets would not of got refunded)

What i could'nt work out was why when people asked for refunds where they sending me a message saying the same sort of things
for example ,

Hi , i got the DVD today but it was not what i was expecting, it is clearly a fake/COPY and i would like a refund .
The thing is my DVD's were clearly not copy's , 80 % of them got through the net and you would have to know what you were
doing to spot that they were fake.

It's amazing how many different people from all over the country sent me replies basically the same to this.