Paypal recently took $500.00 of my money for no apparent legitimate reason... Having read the nightmare stories here I thought that instead of wasting my time arguing with them I would just try to cost them as much (and preferably a lot more) than they have cost me... ... I am a graphic artist and work in the print industry and have certain useful facilities available to me... I have already made up several different 'Logos' with slogans that express my opinions about Ebay and Paypal...

So far I've printed 300 T-Shirts with:

"Ebay + Paypal = MONOPOLY"
"Save a Postman's Job... Don't use Paypal"
"Be a patriot. Don't use Paypal"
"Ebay & Paypal: If you're in bed with your sister isn't that incest?"
"Ebay & Paypal, In bed together but screwing us all!"
"Paypal... Just say NO!"

I'm working on more, and I'm in the process of printing out 4,000 bumper stickers with the same logos and will soon be printing out rolls of mini-stickers as well (the kiddies like them a lot)...

I will eventually be giving these out for free with every Ebay shipment and to whoever requests one... ... Of course I will also be slapping stickers on anything I see that might get peoples attention...

Anyone interested in a bumper sticker? [url][/url]