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Thread: a/c locked...what to do?

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    Default a/c locked...what to do?

    A friend of mine has had his personal paypal account locked. They have said that they need clarification of recent transactions before it can be unlocked.

    He is not on ebay. I'm guessing they are of the opinion that the level of activity exceeds what they deem to be acceptable for the use of a paypal account. 95% of transactions would have been 'gifts' - and indicated as a gift by the sender.

    Has anyone been in this situation? Any pointers on how to proceed?

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    i dont know dear

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    Seems to me that paypal are making a run for peoples money, e.g locking peoples accounts/ placing limitations on accounts. If theres a positive balance there & the owner cant do anything about it/ paypal doesnt accept their reasons/ proofs of I.D / whatever reason. Paypal are using this method (amongst other methods) to steal peoples money.
    Another thing by giving them every single peice of your personal info, they will basically own you & they will rob you blind.

    I think we should all start boycotting paypal, even if they cancel ebay accounts etc
    We should just use other methods of buying /selling/ payment transactions.

    TBH I think more ppl are wising up to the scams that are being perpetrated on us by governments, corporations/ businesses & even the scams by ordinary individuals.
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