After reading this site I'll be closing my Paypal account. Today.

Today I find this in the eBay help section, under "[URL=""]Selecting Payment methods you'll accept[/URL]":

Merchant credit card

How does it work? Sellers can accept credit card payments to their Internet merchant account directly through eBay Checkout by signing up for a Payflow payment gateway account. This is a free service for eBay sellers. Buyers pay immediately using the Pay Now button. Payments are securely and instantly processed online from eBay Checkout through Payflow. The seller never sees the buyer's credit card number. Sellers receive an email telling them they've been paid and they know they can ship the item.

Do I need to register? Yes, you need an Internet merchant account with your bank or credit card processing company, and you need to sign up for a Payflow payment gateway account before you offer this as a payment option.

Emphasis is mine, of course.

Well, I Googled Payflow, and got [URL=""]this[/URL]... Yup, it's owned and run by PAYPAL. So apparently they're forcing us to associate with Paypal even to choose a Paypal alternative. Even using a real merchant account isn't an escape from Paypal.