I am a new online retailer in need of Ebay and paypal account to buy.I need this because as a new seller on ebay,most of my money are being held for 21 days and this has drastically prevent growth and expansion of my business.These are my requirements
Ebay account
1)You must have active Ebay seller account without restriction.That is,you must have active ebay selling account with a very good feedbacks and no limitations
2)It must be over 6 months
3)Ebay must not place hold on your sales payment.
Paypal account.

1)Your account must be verified
2)Paypal must NOT place hold on any of your ebay sellings payment.
3)Your account must not have any restriction.For example;paypal must NOT place hold on your ebay money.etc
Finally,you must be ready to prove that your account has all these requirements and has no restriction.I am doing this because the last time a try to buy an account,i got scammed.If you can prove your account,there will be no problem.Email me if you are interested.