I haven't used PayPal in a while for buying, but it's still linked to my old credit union account, then to my cc as a secondary. The way I always understood the way it was supposed to work, PP was supposed to only withdraw from the bank until it gets to minimum, then use the credit card to make up the difference. Wrong! I wanted to clean out the old CU account because, hey: the money's not doing me any good just sitting there. Now I've got a $30 NSF fee that the CU won't reverse and, of course, PayPal won't reimburse. Wait: it gets better. The email I got from Nebraska said they would try to pull out from the bank AGAIN. WHY NOT GO TO THE CREDIT CARD?!?!?!? I was fortunate in that I could get some funds put into the account (thereby defeating my original intent of emptying the account). The "customer service" guy on the phone told me "that isn't how it works." I told him what I thought of their system, freely using some choice words. As soon as this transaction is complete, these d-bags are history to me and I'll make SURE to tell at least 50 friends. Sooner or later, they'll get the comeuppance they so richly deserve.