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    I am one of the original types of sellers on ebay. I do not have a store and most of what I put up for sale is stuff that was purchased new and could not be returned or is a collectible that we want to get rid of. Your typical garage seller.... I am so mad because they will not let me accept cash or money orders. If I want to take a chance on getting swindled who the heck are they to stop me from accepting money orders? I have sold over a hundred items in the last two years and not one bad money order. Granted my total sales are only about a thousand dollars in two years time but as I said I am the original seller, the garage sale seller. All about them double billing you because you have to use paypal.

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    Default I agree

    I started with ebay when they first started and I have accepted all forms of payment and have loved doing it that way. I really do not like this new way and am seeking other auction sites where you have more freedom. Ebay and Paypal have combined to make E-pal if you think about it.. the 2 really are not separate anymore. They are really interested in the big sellers and the message that I get is that they aren't really interested in the small seller anymore, its just a hassle to them really, and if we insist on using their service then we will pay (us low level sellers). Well the simple solution is to drop ebay and to drop payapl and stick to the traditional methods. I just checked and there are a lot of other auction sites out there, notably Amazon has caught my attention. I will checking out the others in the next few days. Luckily I havent had too much of a run in with either one but with all of these stories, not only here but from friends and relatives.. makes me think 3 times (not just twice) about giving anyone the freedom to control my finances in any way.

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    Yes, they claim that it "makes the community safer" by using paypal. They want to:

    a) keep control of everyones money
    b) get their 3 percent commision rates
    c) do everything it takes from themselves never to pay out on their scammy seller protection policies.

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    Default ebay sucks roll on

    i am a powerseller but over the years i had so many problems from ebay and paypal.
    i had this email addressed killed off due to one of my many items sold was a pamela anderson type porno film , ie shop bought,

    but they dont do adult stuff ie no warning or debate just closed the whole account down,

    then of course having penalties because i had listed a water gun and a garden flame thrower " that was its name" a tool used all the time in the garden for killing weeds.

    was closed down for a week i think? with over 2000 listings removed and was unrecoverable with thansactions i was in the middle off being abandon and payment on stuff i had already sent out being sellers being advised that deal had been cancelled and payment was no longer needed,

    roll on this new site
    about to launch
    i think it will start to hit them hard like face book did to bepo? or my space

    wont go into the new site as it pretty much explained on their link

    and the free shares give away is a brain storm got quite a few and forecast over two years is that i make few thousand on them if i sit on them for the forecasted 2 year term,
    not bad for free


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